Kickstarter Launches for BLISS, the Innovative, Plastic-Free, Vegan Deodorant


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2019 --Coconut Matter was founded in 2015 to bring handcrafted beauty products to people across the world. The company is now launching a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign that will expand on their ethical, environmentally-friendly, and high-quality line of products with their new deodorant, BLISS.
This spa-inspired deodorant raises the bar in green and ethical manufacturing. Toxin-free, plastic-free, and 100% vegan, BLISS is sourced sustainably and designed for minimal waste. The creator of BLISS, Diane van Zwanenberg, was compelled to make her dream a reality in part due to her devotion to healthy living. Diane's concerns about the unnecessary toxins her daughter was using in everyday products motivated her to make a product revolutionary to the industry.

What makes BLISS stand out as an all-natural deodorant is that the creator didn't sacrifice quality in their efforts to be as green as possible. In fact, the natural elements of their deodorant only render it more effective. Field-tested by people around the world, including those living in 95F temperatures and 90% humidity, BLISS was able to absorb sweat and prevent body odor all day.

BLISS is handmade by gently blending 19 plant and mineral ingredients, creating a hypoallergenic formula that is baking soda-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, and comfortable for sensitive skin. While most deodorants will try to stretch their product size by using water and fillers, BLISS utilizes bioactive powder, oil, and plant-based butter to ensure that even small amounts of product will have powerful results.

A key ingredient in BLISS and many of Coconut Matter's other products is coconut oil. The wild virgin coconut oil in BLISS is hand-pressed by local communities in the Solomon Islands. Their work ensures a livelihood for many islanders and helps in preventing the island's deforestation. Coconut Matter is a cruelty free brand and they're strongly against animal testing.
"Coconut Matter takes a holistic view in everything we do to ensure less waste across the full lifecycle of our products," said Diane van Zwanenberg, "From the use of natural ingredients, to how our products are made and shipped to you, and how you can dispose of the used deodorant tube. Enabling a sustainable lifestyle is our singular mission."
Coconut Matter's line of MOOD deodorants is becoming more in demand internationally, and they hope their new BLISS addition will only increase that demand. The support garnered from their Kickstarter campaign will allow them to purchase additional tools, equipment, and workshop space so they can keep up with this demand, expand their business, and continue to advocate for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Coconut Matter has ensured that there are great deals for everyone contributing to their campaign. As an early bird offer, those who pledge $18 (USD) or more will receive a tube of BLISS Natural Deodorant and a Cotton Shopping Bag at 45% off the retail price. After the early bird deal, the same discount and products will be available for those pledging $22 (USD) or more. They ship all over the world and estimate that their deliveries will be made shortly after the end of their Kickstarter campaign in November 2019.