Kickstarter Product Promises Fresh Bread for Weeks or Even Months


Altus, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2019 --A revolutionary device that can keep bread fresh for days, weeks or even months is about to go live on Kickstarter. The Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero is a bread bag with a difference and could soon become an essential addition to every kitchen.

The Kickstarter campaign launches in April 2019. The small, family-run Culinary Bob enterprise, based in southwest Oklahoma, has targeted a modest $3500 to bring this patent-pending bread bag to market. Right now, the company has focused on one prototype, in neutral tones. The Kickstarter funds, though, will mean Culinary Bob can offer the Bread Hero in a wide range of designs and sizes, matching more kitchen decor.

"Our Culinary Bob Bread Hero is a simple idea, yet the science behind it is not all that simple. Still our product testers were blown away by how well it works," said company founder Karen Brumgard, aka 'Bob.' "All of them said they never knew they needed such a gadget in their lives until it arrived. Now, they couldn't imagine life without it."

Material Science Keeps Bread Fresh

The Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero has just finished two years of tweaking and beta testing. The Bread Hero has an inner sleeve that is made from BPA-free, food-grade material and the weight of the outer fabric sleeve helps regulate airflow and limit the light. These two very different materials combine to extend the life of any bread and ensure that it stays fresh longer than ever before.

It's a fact of life that bread either goes stale or molds if not eaten timely, and everybody has thrown away vast amounts of bread. Unused bread adds up to a surprising amount of wasted money over the course of a year. In addition, mold can be unhealthy, and "In some cases, molds produce mycotoxins, a poison that makes people, livestock and other animals sick" according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero can keep bread soft and fresh for weeks up to months if it's the typical sliced bread, packaged and sold on grocery store shelves. Artisanal bread made at home or from the local bakery, meanwhile, can still stay fresh for days. That is a total baking game-changer.

Rewards Program for Kickstarter Backers

Culinary Bob has offered a series of rewards for backers, starting with an e-cookbook for supporters who pledge just $5 while those who pledge $20 will be among the first to receive the revolutionary Bread Hero Bag. $200 of backing will buy the basic reseller package, which means entrepreneurs can turn the Culinary Bob Bread Hero bag into a business opportunity. There are various other levels of backer rewards in between plus Early Bird Specials.

Those interested can follow the Kickstarter campaign, watch the video and help bring the Bread Hero to the world at their prelaunch site:

More info and testimonial videos are at:

The Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero could soon become an essential addition to every kitchen, and it just might be the "best thing since sliced bread."