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Kickstarter Video Update to Hybrid 3D Print & Design Campaign Ending April 30, 2014

Uniting Northern and California Designers to Drive a Resurgence in the USA Specialty Fabrication Industry led by 3D Printing and Design.


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2014 --SYNCFAB Hybrid 3D Print and Design released a Video Update with a personal message related to the company's current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ending April 30, 2014.

KickStarter Campaign
Applying a community advocacy approach to creating a localized Hybrid 3D Print and 3D Design community-to-creator platform, SYNCFAB.COM is turning to the revolutionary KickStarter campaign (VISIT: SYNCFAB KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN LINK). Kickstarter empowers people with as little as $1 to contribute to this start-up business. The Company aims to raise $25,000 by April 30th to meet its goals. Donation options start from $1 and feature rewards ranging from American Apparel designer cotton Tees to personalized selfie scan 3D Prints to two nights airfare and hotel accommodation in LA in July for a premier fabrication facility tour to limited edition 3D Prints or Bronze Cast Sculptures adapted from the Statue of Liberty’s original artist, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi (French, 1834-1904), and more.

SyncFab is a venture based on the vision of it’s founders and early contributors: Jeremy Goodwin, Andy Tong, Nick Agid, Dennis Delgado, Jay Ligda and Chris Cheng. Jeremy is the former President and CFO of NASDAQ listed, China Advanced Construction Materials Company, Inc. Jeremy has deep family roots in California Technology and Infrastructure Public Service as the son and grandson of California public service employees of the City of Santa Monica and formerly of NASA and DECASR. A globally trained and experienced public company senior executive and operator, Jeremy has adapted his corporate strategy and business development skills to the needs of the domestic 3D printing industry.

3D Print Revolution focusing on local Design and Hybrid Fabrication
SYNCFAB is a service that lets you community source localized custom 3D designs for your concepts with the option to showcase the finished designs to a target community. Then you can have your designs 3D printed or specialty manufactured for delivery. SyncFab supports a growing network of talented local designers, engineers and specialty manufacturers who collaborate with a custom design management tool, CADSYNC to bring the convenience of custom concept rendering and localized specialty fabrication to the end user. SYNCFAB is an abbreviated term for Synchronized Fabrication referring to the hybridization of (additive) 3D printing with (subtractive) traditional manufacturing methods. SYNCFAB is also a reference to the evolution of the design and production processes using today's technology whereby it is now more possible than ever to match streamlined custom design solutions with specialty fabrication methods producing the highest quality product locally.

“California is the design innovation center of the global economy; the USA is at the epicenter of 3D Print and Hybrid Specialty Fabrication and SyncFab is a platform bringing them together for your custom creations,” explains Jeremy Goodwin.

3D Printing Power to the People
Whether you are a student, a garage inventor, a self-employed designer, or a small business, SyncFab will allow users of all skill and interest levels to graduate from mass consumer to custom creator. SyncFab differs from the typical B-to-B or B-to-C model such that we are crafting our strategy around what we call a C-to-C or Community to Creator model. “Bringing awareness to our local community of specialty fabricators and designers which is usually hard to tap into for any artist or professional is very exciting,” comments Dennis Delgado.

“Our goal is to leverage 3D Print technology to restore the value chain interruption between product innovation and production to emphasize local ecosystems of sustainable production benefitting recent graduates, small businesses and the self-employed” Jeremy added. “We plan to launch our pilot service platform this summer. Please Support our Vision and Share the Dream with a pledge on Kickstarter or by registering on our interest page.”

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign visit: SyncFab Kickstarter Campaign Link

Designer and General Interest List Signup
Designers who are interested in signing up to be considered for the Designer Spotlight can go to and submit their details for consideration. Similarly, 3D Print Shops, other service providers and interested future clients can submit their details under the General Interest List signup form for timely updates and access to the upcoming service.

About is an online community platform for Designers, Academics, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and members of the Maker Movement. SyncFab harnesses the power of 3D Design and 3D Printing solution capabilities to reconnect the value chain from product concept to product creation in order to revitalize local business and commerce.