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KIDS' WB Network Hit Series !Mucha Lucha! Co-Creator Eddie Mort Is "Dead" on Target


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/29/2016 --DEAD RINGO, the new animated series from Eddie Mort, was acquired for worldwide distribution by US based Global Genesis Group LLC. DEAD RINGO is a fun and exciting story of a Ninja's quest to realize his own potential. Global Genesis Group will bring their acumen of production, finance and worldwide distribution to maximize DEAD RINGO's brand recognition. Together with Eddie Mort's track record of creating and producing a popular children's series, DEAD RINGO has all the pedigree to become another hit show. Eddie's previous series! Mucha Lucha! had a three-season run on the Kids' WB network. At one time !Mucha Lucha! was the #1 broadcast network show with Kids ages 6-11. !Mucha Lucha! consistently beat out cable heavyweights like SpongeBob and Jimmy Neutron. During its second season !Mucha Lucha! also aired on Cartoon Network US, and on CN territories all around the world.

DEAD RINGO creator Eddie Mort states, "I'm really excited to be working with Global Genesis Group to get my new series - 'Dead Ringo' - out into the world. As a nine-year-old Samurai/Ninja movies and Japanese cartoons such as Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Prince Planet and Gigantor were a big staple of my TV watching. I became intrigued with the myths and legends that run through Japanese culture even to the present. It's been a longtime ambition of mine to channel all of these influences into my own animation and storytelling, and I believe 'Dead Ringo' does that!"

Inspired by Japanese TV classic cartoons that Eddie watched as a boy, DEAD RINGO follows a Ninja who is mortally wounded while battling an army of demon Ninjas. Ringo is mysteriously brought back to life by the Seven Gods of Fortune, and with Keoko, an enchanted snow monkey, and Sato, a confident girl, Ringo must battle demons as he journeys through the underworld to discover what the Gods require from him for this second chance at life.

Charles Morris Jr., Head of Development & Acquisitions at Global Genesis Group said, "We are extremely enthusiastic to partner with a talented artist such as Eddie Mort and help bring DEAD RINGO to a worldwide audience. We feel Eddie already has proven his success on a large scale, and yet he still has so much potential as an artist and creator that we can only say "If you like Tim Burton's work you will love Eddie Mort's "DEAD RINGO". Global Genesis Group feels fortunate that we beat out other major companies to acquire this hot property which is a perfect companion to some of our other kids IP's."

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