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Killer Guides TERA Mystic Guide Publication Press Release

KillerGuides opens pre-orders for all TERA Online classes including the TERA Mystic. Well researched, up-to-date information is available for all guides.


Sao Paolo, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2012 --The online game guide producing company Killer Guides is releasing its newest guides soon to be available to the gaming community: TERA Online Guides. The assortment of guides takes players from the beginning at level 1 to achieve the level cap and accomplish missions efficiently. Available now for pre-order on the Killer Guide's website is the Unofficial TERA Mystic guide.

According to, the guide is expected to contain the following information: skills and abilities, PvP and PvE, glyphs, gold making strategies are currently topics available in the guidebook. The most notable feature in the guide is emphasized in the leveling section of the the Mystic manual dedicated to reach the level cap. The TERA Mystic leveling manual contains information about the Mystic, specifically leveling information for players who aim to reach the level cap in a short time span. The Mystic manual goes into in-depth detail about the TERA Mystic's skills and abilities and a walkthrough on how to use the spells properly.

The most highly anticipated game arriving to North America on May 1st entitled: TERA or also known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea; an MMORPG title from BlueHole Studios applying Unreal Engine 3 and a defined combat system called True Action Combat, a unique feature of the game. Players will be introduced into the visually saturating world of Arborea, playing as 7 races and 8 defined classes through their set storylines. On the TERA Online European game's website currently has two other languages are available, German and French in which the game may be localized for European regions.

Other than the TERA Mystic Guide, Killer Guides offers other guides in the TERA bundle including 8 classes, 1 currency earning manual and one strategy guide in their shop available for pre-order at the price of $79.99 USD.