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Kimball Orthodontics Offers Complementary Smile Analysis to New and Existing Patients

Laguna Beach & Laguna Niguel, CA: Kimball Orthodontics announces that they are now offering a free, comprehensive smile analysis package for both new and existing patients. Anyone interested in braces, Invisalign, pediatric orthodontics, or any other type of orthodontic treatment are invited to take advantage of this exciting free offer.


Laguna Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2017 --The complimentary, no-obligation Kimball Smile Analysis, valued at $249, provides a complete oral exam, x-rays, and a comprehensive, educational consultation with Dr. Peter Kimball. It represents the newest effort by Kimball Orthodontics to make their services available to more members of the Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel communities. With the help of Dr. Kimball's free smile analysis package, patients can research their treatment options without having to pay for the information.

This free smile analysis is particularly useful for parents of children who still need their early evaluation. Dr. Kimball sees numerous pediatric patients and is highly experienced in early orthodontic treatment. "Many parents bring their kids to me for an evaluation," explains Dr. Kimball, "and I'm happy to be able to tell most of them that their child doesn't need any treatment at this time. It's wonderful to see the relief on parents' faces when I say that."

For some children and their parents, however, an early evaluation with Dr. Kimball has a different kind of positive outcome. "Sometimes I do have a young patient who needs treatment while they're young," Kimball continues. "Because I'm able to guide the growth of their jaw or teeth at an earlier age, I'm able to keep a child from undergoing far more invasive and expensive treatment later in life." The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children be evaluated by an orthodontic specialist by age 7.

Kimball Orthodontics also offers a variety of teeth-straightening treatment options, including metal or clear braces, Invisalign, and accelerated braces treatment. "I use our smile analysis to match each patient with his or her ideal treatment," says Kimball. "I consider the consultation to be a critical aspect of the smile analysis, because I listen to what each patient wants and needs. I like to make sure my patients or their parents are completely comfortable with my recommendation before we proceed with treatment."

In addition to offering the free Kimball Smile Analysis to all patients, both new and existing, Kimball Orthodontics also provides several additional advantageous services to all their clients. These include flexible early, late, and Saturday appointment times; a 100% satisfaction guarantee; discounts for multiple-family-member treatments and treatments paid in full; flexible payment options; and a free retainer included with braces and Invisalign treatment. Kimball Orthodontics also offers second opinions as part of the complimentary Smile Analysis package.

About Kimball Orthodontics
Kimball Orthodontics' goal is to create beautiful panoramic, natural looking, healthy smiles by utilizing state-of-the-art orthodontic technology and techniques. They strive to provide maximum comfort and the shortest treatment time possible while making treatment affordable. Most of all, Kimball Orthodontics understands that every face is unique. Their top priority is to enhance whatever makes each patient special by making their smile the very best it can be.

Requesting for a free Kimball Smile Analysis is a simple and straightforward procedure. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, then go to the Kimball Orthodontics website at and click on "Request Your Free Kimball Smile Analysis." Fill out the brief informational form, and Kimball Orthodontics will call you to schedule your appointment. You can also call Kimball Orthodontics directly at 949-363-3350.

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