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Virginia Based Repair Shop Now Offering Mail in Kindle Fire Repair Services

RockIT Repairs is now offering nationwide Kindle Fire repair services in all 50 states. RockIT Repairs services include cracked glass screen replacements, lcd replacements, battery replacements and charging port repairs on your Kindle Fire.


Fredericksburg, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2015 --RockIT Repairs, a third party repair provider for technology devices, now provides mail in repair services on the Amazon Kindle Fire. Their repair services are for issues such cracked screens, malware infestation, comprehensive diagnostics, charging problems, cracked screens and other problems associated with technology.

With over 7 million sales worldwide, the Kindle Fire is a reader's pride and Amazon's sleek range of tablets offering an easy way to read through pages of content on the Amazon Kindle platform. It can be used to conveniently read all sorts of books, magazines and paperbacks made available through the Kindle platform, both free and paid.

RockIT Repairs offers a full range of mail in repairs for your Kindle Fire and other tablets on the market. Below are a few of the services offer ed at RockIT.

Comprehensive Diagnostics: If your Kindle Fire is acting in strange and inexplicable ways, you will need a diagnostic to figure out what could be causing the problem. These issues can come from software, unknown malware installations and other various factors.

Kindle Fire Screen Replacement: A very common problem associated with almost every technical gadget is a cracked glass screen digitizer or broken lcd display. This often renders your Kindle useless until a new screen is replaced on the broken device.

Kindle Fire Water-Related Damage: Your Kindle Fire is not waterproof, and is thus vulnerable to a series of problems caused by exposure to large quantities of water or any other liquids. RockIT Repairs uses a water damage process that can remove corrosion and other problems associated with liquid damage.

Kindle Fire Battery Replacement: Amazon has purposely sealed all Kindle Fire devices to make it impossible for the novice end user to replace the device battery on their own.

Kindle Fire Charging Port Issues: A faulty soldered micro usb port on the Kindle Fire's motherboard often leads to charging problems down the road, causing your devices battery to drain and be rendered useless.

About RockIT Repairs
The repair services of RockIT aren't limited to just the Kindle Fire. They work on all models of tablets, cell phones, laptops, desktops and other types of electronics.