KindleBookReview Celebrates 1000th Book Review


Amsterdam, North Holland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2013 --KindleBookReview announced today that the growth of their customer base has continued to accelerate during the first three months of the year with their online community having read and published a total of 1,000 book reviews. KindleBookReview is an on-line service powered and managed by a crowdsourced workforce of authors and reviewers from around the world. KindleBookReview encourages people who have purchased a book to write a review, hence helping the author of the book promote their book.

"Authors are fully aware of the importance of reviews for their books. It can sometimes make or break the success of a book. Yet getting reviews has been one of the hardest tasks for authors," said Ricardo Carlos, founder of KindleBookReviews. "Well not any more - KindleBookReview identifies purchasers of an author’s book and encourages them to write book reviews. An additional free service also introduces authors to an on-line community of authors and reviewers.

To get a book review, simply press the Submit Book button on the site, and KindleBookReview takes care of the rest. Once an order is placed creative input gathering and scheduling is provided and pushed to respective buyers. From there KindleBookReview takes care of the rest. The finished reviews are available online for review in less than fourteen days from the scheduled request.

"According to a recent survey of over one thousand authors by Taleist, book covers and good book reviews are the most influential factors in influencing the sales of a book,” said Carlos. "KindleBookReview provides our clients with the competitive edge they are looking for as well as the ability to improve their Amazon Author Ranking." For more information visit:

About KindleBookReview
KindleBookReview enables authors to boost sales and improve their visibility in the market by providing book reviews. Our creative input gathering and scheduling service to respective buyers, combined with a strong North American and global-wide, crowdsourced workforce is breaking down the traditional barriers of cost, volume, and reach in seeking book reviews.