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Kineticex: Best Revolutionary Payment Solution

Best revolutionary payment solution fully automated blockchain payment solution the Kineticex Platform.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2018 --The rapid growth of online cryptocurrency payment services is transforming the way people operate today. Although there are concerns and required improvements when it comes to transparency, these services allow users to take control of their digital assets whenever they are. Kineticex is a fine example of a revolutionary digital payment solution that offers users with the ability to take control of their funds from anywhere in the world. The platform aims at transforming the traditional way of using digital asset in the modern way of using and accessing digital assets.

Kineticex is a groundbreaking platform that can be used by individuals and merchants worldwide on websites they shop on while keeping their identity proved the same way people use LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. The team behind this platform has a solution in place where users can not only receive and send money online, but they can also withdraw money from anywhere in the world using ATM systems. Why is this possible?

Following its revolutionary plan, the platform aims at synchronizing its hardware and link them to their fast and secure blockchain for online shopping and withdrawal from any ATM worldwide. ATMs across the globe provides a quick way of exchanging cryptocurrency to Fiat and vice versa and since the technology is integrated into the cryptocurrency industry, Kineticex uses it to bridge the gap between Fiat money and cryptocurrency giving users complete control of their funds.

With a mobile app, this means that everything is available and accessible from the touch of your phone. Kineticex has fully automated, fast and secure system which allows you to send, receive and withdraw money using an app on your smartphone. The platform is designed to solve the way people access and use digital currency, keeping them in full control of the funds. Kineticex: It's your world, take control.