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Kiosk Industry Group Hall of Fame President's Club 2013 Inductees

Kiosk Industry Group announced today the 2013 inductees into the Kiosk Industry Hall of Fame. The award goes to individuals which exemplify the pioneering and innovative nature of the self-service kiosk industry.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2013 --The Kiosk Industry Group is pleased to announce the 2013 inductees to the Self-Service Kiosk Industry Hall of Fame Presidents Club. These individuals have been recognized and voted in by their peers for truly having had a tremendous impact on the entire kiosk and self-service industry.

The inductees are:

Frank Olea of Olea
James Kruper of Kioware
Sandy Nix with CTS
Michael Smith founder of NeoProducts
Edward Crowley with OneSource Interactive
Ron Bowers Frank Mayer
Peter B. Snyder Middle East Kiosks
Thomas Smith of SelfService Networks
Mike Mayer of Frank Mayer
Hamed Shahbazi with TIO Networks

The manager of the Kiosk Industry Group Craig Keefner commented,"It's important that along with encouraging the regulatory guidelines and the best practice design engineering, that we recognize the extraordinary people that truly are the industry. And in particular this years group exemplifies the genuine players and drivers."

The top vote tally went to Frank Olea of Olea.

"It's an honor to be elected into the Kiosk Hall of Fame. When I started in his industry nearly twenty years ago at the ripe old age of 20 I never would have guessed it would grow into what it has today. Gone are the days of plunking down an Internet Kiosk in the middle of a retail store.

Customers are connected today unlike any other time in history. Our industry is evolving and our products have gotten more complex in an effort to allow customers to get better access to services quicker, and on their own schedules. My fellow inductees can tell you that in today's landscape nothing trumps experience. Nobody really knows what the future holds but if I had to guess I'd say we'll see Kiosks continue to evolve and market verticals continue to grow as more customers come to expect Self-Service. Companies will self-service to the limits within those verticals", commented Frank Olea.

How voting was conducted - online voting took place over the last six months as biographies were presented. Hundreds of votes were cast.

How Selection Conducted - candidates and nominations solicited from all participants in the kiosk industry. A total of 30 nominations including: Nigel Seed Netshift, Christoph Niehus Provisio, Gib Smith Gibco, Dave Heyliger Rocky Mountain, Neil Farr Working Solutions, Brian Collier Dicoll, Sydney and Jonathan Arfin Seepoint, Cy and Ziver Birg, Billy Giamo IBM, Derek Fretheim, Traci Martin Fretheim, Rick Rommel North Communications, John Glitsos, Klaus Trox Friendlyway, Wilf Medwin IBM, Tim Peterson NCR, John Caldwell - 5point, Dave Gonsiorowski with Flextronics.

About the Hall of Fame Presidents Club
In early 2013 the Kiosk Industry Industry Group decided the time had come for restarting the industry awards so that achievement in the kiosk and self-service industry is appreciated.

Previous inductees include the 2003 to 2009 inductees for the original Networld organized Self-Service and Kiosk Association which is now the Kiosk Council for the Digital Screenmedia Association. See

About the Kiosk Industry Group
The Kiosk Industry Group is comprised of over 800 focused and qualified members/participants in the Kiosk and Self-Service Industry. Recognizing best practice and encouraging regulatory standards such as ADA, PCI, UL, and others .

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