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Kiril Mischeff Now Offering 24% Fat Coconut Cream for a Variety of Uses


Notts, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2019 --Kiril Mischeff has been a major supplier of all kinds of products for different market sectors for years, and its products include everything from fruits to vegetables, various food ingredients, including deli and fish, pasta, seeds, grains, vegan food, and more. Today, Kiril Mischeff introduces the latest product in its range: 24% fat coconut cream for use in a variety of sectors and industries.

Kiril Mischeff has been in existence for many years – more than 80 years, in fact – and it has been an invaluable source and supplier of the best quality food products and other ingredients since its inception. The company has already attained a robust status amongst processing companies in the world, but it retains its relevance in the global market by continuously looking for the latest products and food and drink innovations which it can add to its already broad list.

Whilst Kiril Mischeff is best known for being a high quality supplier of fruit juices as well as fruit pulp and other fruit products such as purees, canned fruit, concentrates, dried fruit, and more, it is also famous for its other products which include a selection of vegetables, grains and seeds, and other premium ingredients including fish, mustard, meat, olives, horseradish, oils, tomatoes, vinegar, and pickles.

But now, Kiril Mischeff introduces its latest offering for those looking for coconut cream: 24% fat coconut cream, which is perfect as a cooking ingredient for a variety of dishes and food products. The coconut cream supplied by Kiril Mischeff comes from the Philippines, and it has proven ideal for ready-made meals, sauces, and other applications. Not only is the coconut cream from Kiril Mischeff of the highest quality, but it is also vegan-friendly and dairy-free, which makes it a great alternative for standard milk or dairy cream-based products.

The 24% coconut cream supplied by Kiril Mischeff is available in 20-kilogram boxes or as 200-kilogram drums, but it is also available in smaller quantities as 3-kilogram pouches and 400-gram cans. Apart from coconut cream, customers can also take advantage of other coconut products such as coconut milk as well as NFC coconut water. In addition, Kiril Mischeff supplies 17% fat coconut milk, desiccated coconut, and virgin coconut oil.

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The Kiril Mischeff Group is a renowned and established supplier of different kinds of food products for use in various sectors in the food and drink industries, and the company takes pride in providing only the highest quality products for its customers. For more details on where to get Coconut creame UK customers can buy as well as a wide range of other food products, visit the Kiril Mischeff website.