Kit & Caboodle Helps Develop Motor Skills and Dexterity in Children and Adults


Beckenham, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2019 --Bonum iDeas Ltd is raising funds to finish developing Kit & Caboodle, a device that encourages people to use and develop essential motor skills despite the physical or mental challenges they are faced with.

Kit & Caboodle was originally designed by mum Carline L Deal for her son, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, with more research, Kit & Caboodle could also be a vital tool in the rehabilitation of adults who have suffered brain trauma or a stroke, have a disease such as cerebral palsy or Parkinson's, or are adjusting to life with a prosthetic limb.

Donations to finalize the product and app are encouraged via a crowdfunding campaign. Bonum iDeas Ltd is hoping to raise £10,000 so they can produce the first batch of their revolutionary invention. The campaign is supported by Nat West Bank's 'Back Her Business' campaign, which helps female entrepreneurs like Deal.

Kit & Caboodle incorporates bright and engaging colors, tools with different feels and textures, and mechanisms that produce audio feedback to engage users. A range of different internal components teach and encourage the fine motor skills that are needed for everyday tasks, such as tying shoelaces, fastening buttons, and unlocking a door with a key.

Designed to be both fun and educational, an app enables caregivers to monitor the user's progress, change the settings, and communicate with medical professionals via the online platform. Digitally, users can collect rewards and incentives, while physically, they adopt the lifeskills they need for everyday life.

"Kit & Caboodle allows users to gain and practice a range of fine motor skills," explained Deal. "Through repetition and practice of these fine motor skills, we hope users can attain some level of independence, no matter how small, that is transferable to real life."

Mum to four children, Deal came up with the idea for Kit & Caboodle when her youngest son, Elijah, was diagnosed with ASD. A condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests, and behavior, Deal sought a way to stimulate her son and teach him the motor skills he needs. She found that tools that develop and enhance the skills a person needs to function in normal life were few and far between and so she set out to develop Kit & Caboodle. Seeking advice on her invention from occupational and physiotherapists, Deal was met with positive comments when they saw the benefits it held in store for children living with a range of conditions.

Deal established Bonum iDeas Ltd in London in July 2017. The company is working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Kent, School of Exercise and Sport Sciences.

Kit & Caboodle has a drawer styled flat base, which makes it practical for any environment. Homes, primary schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and occupational and physiotherapy clinics could all benefit from having at least one device available to use. The product is designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, finger movements, wrist flexibility, fingertip strength, and hand and forearm dexterity.