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Kit Culture Seamlessly Blends Casual Wear Style with the Fit and Fabric of Activewear


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2016 --Kit Culture, the revolutionary new clothing line that blends the style of high-end casual wear with the fit and fabric of performance wear, is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

What makes Kit Culture different is simple: they combine the style and comfort of high end casual wear with the fit and fabrics of performance wear. That means a slim fit with stretch fabrics cut in a modern, urban style.

"These days we're all more active and healthy and we need our clothes to adapt to this lifestyle, but at the same time we need to maintain a certain level of style when we're outside the gym," says founder Brian McEvoy, "Kit Culture combines the best of performance wear and stylish casual wear to adapt to your active lifestyle. We go beyond "stylish workout clothes" to explore the space squarely between activewear and casual wear."

In a crowded market of athleisure brands, Kit Culture stands out by designing stylish, affordable products that incorporate the best properties of performance wear but also look good in daily life. The line is able to fit wearer's lives for all situations, from lunch to the gym and back again. Kit Culture designs clothes that look good and that enable people to live their every day active life.

"A lot of activewear brands are trying to be more casual and a lot of casual brands are trying to be more like activewear, but in both cases they aren't created from the ground up with the sole idea to craft every product to capture the best fit, fabrics and styles of both sides of the spectrum," adds McEvoy, "The startups in this space focus more on special fabric properties whereas we are more concerned with fit and design."

For their Kickstarter launch, Kit Culture is releasing three staple pieces- Casual Active Stretch Twill Pants, a Casual Active Fit Hoodie, and a Casual Active Zip Up. All of the products are designed with the lean, athletic male in mind, although many women with a more athletic build will also love the brand. Kit Culture uses the term Active Fit to describe the fit of their apparel because it contains room where wearers need it- in the thigh and shoulder area, and a slim fit where they need it to avoid interference while riding a bike around town or bouldering at the climbing gym.

Kit Culture is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Kit Culture
Kit Culture is a men's lifestyle apparel brand based in Los Angeles focused on designing products that combine the style and comfort of high end casual wear with the fit and fabrics of performance wear. Founded in 2015 by former corporate lawyer/slash wannabe endurance athlete Brian McEvoy, Kit Culture is about living an active life outside the gym and looking good while doing it. Our apparel is manufactured in Southern California, ensuring the highest level of quality and reaping the benefits of local relationships, fast production times and a commitment to ethical labor practices.

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