Kitchen Brand WonderEsque Announces Launch of the First Truly 100% Leak-Proof Bento Lunch Box

Eating healthier is next to impossible for a student on most school menus, in the opinion of many experts. WonderEsque recently announced the re-launch of the first 100% leak proof premium lunch box, guaranteed never to spill and with enough space and separate sections to keep a great meal looking and tasting great, to help solve this problem.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2017 --When a person hears "lunch box" most of the time they think of cheap boxes, themed off of a cartoon, movie or comic book character. Thanks to WonderEsque, that's no longer the case. Recently, the company announced the launch of the WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box, a premium quality 100% leak proof lunch box container with four sections for both kids and adults. The WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box is available in dark blue and can be bought at Amazon.com.

"We checked out the market and saw there's really a need for an ultra high-quality lunch box so we got to work. Customers were complaining about kids' yogurt, getting spilled in the backpack, so we immediately saw the need to create a lunch box that it is truly leak-proof", commented Nicole Smith, a spokesperson from WonderEsque.

"The new WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box makes packing a healthy meal and snacks simple and easy and keeps the meal absolutely safe from drops and spills too."

According to the company, the WonderEsque Bento Lunch box is made of food-safe materials and the box can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand. The four sections and one sauce section, in addition to keeping the food apart, can help give visual "healthy" portion help and prevent overeating.

The WonderEsque Lunch Box is available at an affordable price on Amazon.com.

Early customers have given the new lunch box two thumbs up.

Brenda P., from Boston, recently said, "My son has needed a new lunch box and the WonderEsque Box is just about perfect. From construction to price, I'd highly recommend it for parents or just anyone who wants a cool, easy way to carry a meal. The best thing is that it is 100% leak-proof. Five stars and fully recommended."

For more information be sure to visit www.wonderesque.com.

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