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KLM Medical Equipment Answers FAQs About C-Arm Compatible Operating Tables


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment provides medical facilities throughout the United States with a range of durable Oakworks technologies, including C-arm compatible operating tables. While most surgical facilities can benefit from these pain management tables, there is still some confusion about the purpose of C-arm compatible operating tables, and KLM Medical Equipment is here to answer the most frequently asked questions about them.

Who uses C-arm compatible operating tables?

C-arm compatible operating tables, also known as C-arm pain management tables, are generally used to achieve imaging procedures in the OR. These pain management tables are ideal for surgical centers, pain management facilities, and other facilities that offer fluoroscopy procedures.

Why are KLM Medical Equipment's C-arm tables the best choice for facilities?

KLM Medical Equipment offers Oakworks technology that comes with a range of advantages including:

- 5 distinct motions
- Quiet positioning
- FDA listed technology
- 3 years part, and 2 years labor warranty

What are the main benefits of C-arm compatible operating tables?

The main purpose of these pain management operating tables is to ensure patient comfort. Other benefits of these durable operating tables include:

- Stability
- Decreased unit pressure
- Proper microenvironment
- Hygiene

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KLM Medical Equipment offers C-arm compatible operating tables to medical facilities throughout the nation. Established with the mission of bringing effective, safe, and problem-solving technology to their client's doorsteps, KLM Medical Equipment has over 20 years of experience supplying optimal medical technology at accessible rates. With intentional partnerships with top medical equipment suppliers, such as OakWorkds, Infinitus, WEG, and more, KLM Medical Equipment ensures that technology is competitive with leading suppliers, without the high price tag.

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