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KLM Medical Equipment Answers Questions About Prone Positioning for ARDS


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment provides a nationwide audience with a range of medical equipment solutions including prone positioning equipment. Typically uses for patients that require a ventilator, prone positioning requires special equipment that may help patients with ARDS.

Here are some common questions about prone positioning for ARDS answered by KLM Medical Equipment:

How does prone positioning help with ARDS?

Acute pulmonary diseases, also called ARDS, are a result of trauma, surgeries or other serious illness that requires ventilation. Prone positioning helps patients with ARDS by positioning patients in a way where lungs are expanded through the distribution of lung fluids, taking pressure off of the posterior regions of the lungs.

How many people does it require to positioning a patient in the prone position?

Depending on the proper equipment and patient size, it can take 2-4 surgical staff to position patients. With high populations of heavy patients with ARDS, hospitals need to ensure that their prone positioning equipment can accommodate overweight patients while enabling surgical staff to easily position patients of all sizes.

What's the difference between the prone position and turning patients on one side?

While lateral patient positioning can help to prevent pneumonia, it's proven that the prone position decreases the dead space in the lungs to improve oxygen flow.

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