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KLM Medical Equipment Discusses Benefits of Surgical Mattress Pads


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment offers acute care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and other medical facilities in the nation with a range of medical equipment solutions including surgical mattress pads. While surgical mattress pads are often looked over, they serve a very important purpose.

Surgical mattress pads are a long-term investment for surgical facilities. Equipped with endurable technology such as PneumaFOM, Infinitus mattress pads offer support and pressure relief for patients on the operating table. From vasectomies, hip replacements, shoulder surgery, and more, mattress pads keep patients stable and comfortable on the table.

Here are some of the benefits of surgical mattress pad technology:

- Style - Surgical mattress pads serve an aesthetic purpose, adding style and appeal to surgical facilities and operating rooms.

- Comfort - There is an immense amount of physical pressure when patients undergo surgery, however, surgical mattress pads take the pressure off and add comfort during uncomfortable procedures.

- Stability - The durable and cushioning designs of mattress pads offer patients stability when they are under the knife. This stability leads to efficiency and safe surgical outcomes for patients and surgical staff.

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KLM Medical Equipment proudly provides medical facilities throughout the United States with a range of comfortable and quality supplies including surgical mattress pads. With a dedication to quality products at affordable rates, KLM Medical Equipment understands that medical supplies are integral to a facility's safety and efficiency. It's for these reasons that KLM Medical Equipment partners with top suppliers such as OakWorks, WEG, Infinitus, Match Grade Medical, Care Surgical, etc. to provide supreme medical equipment to facilities across the nation.

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