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KLM Medical Equipment Offers Four Quality Medical Positioning Devices


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment is a leader in medical positioning devices, offering four high-quality and durable models to their clients at affordable rates.

When it comes to medical positioning devices, there is nothing more important than safety. Not only does KLM Medical Equipment provide their clients with medical positing devices that make operating rooms safer, but they provide equipment that improves the efficiency of medical processes.

Here are the four innovative medical positioning devices offered by KLM Medical Equipment.

1) CS Prone Patient Supports - This medical positioning device is designed with support, safety, and comfort in mind. With a multi-layer pad design and a secure locking clip, it has never been so easy for healthcare workers to position patients quickly and safely.

2) The AZUL ITPW for Trendelenburg Positioning - The AZUL device is a Trendelenburg positioning wedge that helps facilitate positioning and handling for surgical healthcare workers. Designed to move with the patient, this blue wedge does its job to prevent friction and slipping.

3) The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg Positioning System - By combining the safety and comfort of a foam lift pad and arm adduction system, this medical positioning with handles, helps surgical staff move patients into safe Trendelenburg positioning for surgery.

4) The Hadron FPLS Trendelenburg Positioning Pad - This medical positioning pad offered by KLM Medical Equipment offers optimal traction and security, making convenient positioning possible for surgical staff needing to move patients into position, no matter their size.

About KLM Medical Equipment
KLM Medical Equipment has over 20 years of experience providing innovative medical equipment, such as medical positioning devices, to hospitals and clinics all around the nation. Working with the most respected medical equipment providers, KLM Medical Equipment is a leader in affordable and quality equipment solutions that improve safety and efficiency for patients and healthcare workers.

By eliminating clinical challenges for their clients, KLM Medical Equipment has become the trusted choice for medical positioning devices throughout the United States. For more information on KLM Medical Equipment visit www.klmme.com today.