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KLM Medical Equipment Offers Medical Equipment That Competes with TrenGuard Positioning Devices


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment provides hospitals and other medical institutions with quality medical equipment that competes with TrenGuard in safety, convenience, and flexibility.

The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg positioning device offered by KLM Medical Equipment competes with the TrenGuard positioning device in quality. This Trendelenburg device is used for procedures that require Trendelenburg positioning, such as:

- Gynecological Procedures
- Genitourinary Procedures
- Central Venous Catheter Placement

Equipped with a range of additional features that the TrenGuard does not offer, the Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg positioning device is unmatched in safety, which makes this device the best choice for facilities.

- Safety - The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP leads in safety. Equipped with built-in Bi-Wing streamlines, this device improves arm adduction for safe patient care. It also improves safety for medical staff by reducing the strain of lifting with 100% pad to skin contact.

- Convenience - This medical positioning device beats the TrenGuard with convenient positioning that can be achieved in an average of 1-3 minutes for patients of all sizes and weight classes.

- Flexibility - The Genesis Bi-Wing AAP is amongst the most flexible of Trendelenburg positioning devices with a multipoint 360° fixation. It also comes with chest pads and XL straps that aid in pressure management for large patients.

About KLM Medical Equipment
KLM Medical Equipment offers hospitals and other medical institutions a range of medical equipment solutions such as equipment solutions that are competitive with TrenGuard Trendelenburg positioning devices. With over 20 years of experience offering medical equipment solutions, KLM Medical Equipment uses its strong relationships with the nation's most respected equipment manufacturers to offer its clients the best equipment at the best rates.

By bridging the gap between the nation's top medical suppliers and institutions, KLM Medical Equipment aims to improve safety outcomes for patients and providers. For more information on Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Trendelenburg devices and other medical equipment, visit www.klmme.com today!