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KLM Medical Equipment Offers Memory Foam Surgical Mattress Pads with Rebound Support


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment is proud to provide its clients with the most advanced surgical equipment on the market, including surgical mattress pads with rebound support.

More than typical mattress pads that are designed to simply get the job done, the PneumaFOM mattress pad is renowned for its exceptional pressure relief that offers support and comfort.

A product of Infinitus Medical, the surgical mattress pads from KLM Medical Equipment offer vital heat transfer during surgical procedures. Other reasons why smart healthcare facilities choose these surgical mattress pads, include:

Comfort - It's crucial that surgical mattress pads offer patients comfort on the operating table. These mattress pads are built with the highest standard of comfort in mind including a memory foam design that does not exceed 100°F in temperature.

Longevity - This mattress pad has quality outer coverings that ensure long-lasting use. With thread over sewn seams, surgical staff has no reason to fret over holes and frequent repairs.

Safety - These pads come with Velcro strips and an enhanced friction coefficient for added safety.

Support - In terms of support this surgical mattress pad is unparalleled. With rebound support and pressure management, patients do not have to worry about pressure wounds or discomfort on and/or off the operating table.

About KLM Medical Equipment
KLM Medical is proud to offer advanced surgical mattress pad technology from Infinitus Medical. For more than 20 years, KLM Medical Equipment has been going above and beyond to ensure its client's satisfaction with quality medical equipment and supplies. Utilizing its strong relationships with top suppliers, KLM Medical Equipment is a leader in the field of value, safety, and efficiency, resulting in low-cost quality alternatives to main brand competitors.

In addition to providing a range of quality surgical equipment, KLM Medical Equipment provides continued education on tools and devices to ensure that surgical teams are completely up-to-date on the best practices of equipment use. For more information on KLM Medical Equipment and surgical mattress pads visit www.klmme.com.