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KLM Medical Urges Healthcare Facilities to Invest in Temperature Taking Kiosks


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment is urging healthcare facilities and other businesses to invest in temperature taking kiosks during the pandemic.

The global pandemic has sent the world into a panic--and rightfully so. With infection rates steady, there is no end in sight, and it's time for the world to rethink business, interactions, and the healthcare system.

Responsible hospitals and facilities are taking advantage of temperature taking kiosks to keep their workers and patients safe, and KLM Medical Equipment is urging healthcare facilities to take heed by offering advanced UX2D temperature taking kiosks.

Temperature taking kiosks are a good idea because:

- They are contactless

These kiosks use infrared technology that reads temperature from a distance, eliminating the need for contact. Users simply walk up to the kiosk, and it automatically reads their temperature. Some advanced kiosks even have face-reading technology.

- They have hand sanitizer technology

UX2D body temperature kiosks come equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers that ensure that each new visitor gets a splash before the temperature-taking process commences. Hand sanitization ensures that germs are killed at the door and not spread from patient to patient.

- They enforce mask-wearing policies

Certain kiosks have smart-technology that can tell when a user is not wearing their mask. Furthermore, there are customizable question options that allow facilities to ask users a series of questions before proceeding. Most facilities choose to inquire about masks.

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