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Knowledge Based Value (KBV) Research, a Leading Provider of Market Intelligence, Announces the Release of Its Proprietary First of Its Kind "Market Research & Analytics Tool"

MRA tool is a highly sophisticated, yet a simple interface that will change the way market research is perceived by stakeholders.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2016 --Knowledge Based Value (KBV) Research, a brain child of Marqual IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., announces the release of its proprietary, first of its kind market research tool. The "Market Research & Analytics Tool" is equipped with capabilities to significantly enhance the ability of stakeholders to locate profitable market entries within the market gamut.

"The platform is seamlessly integrated with the right blend of qualitative as well as quantitative information. Additionally, the innovative representation of these data points and insights provides cutting edge superiority to our "Market Research & Analytics Tool". The tool is designed to cater to clients' differentiated needs of comparing different aspects of the market as per the business demand. The tool bridges gap by offering a platform to conduct comparative market analysis dynamically over a stipulated timeframe, across segments and geographic regions simultaneously." says Ravindra Pratap Singh, CEO, KBV Research.

"Exhaustive data is a normal phenomenon at KBV - we provide our clients with all the possible granule level data to facilitate multi-dimensional view of a given market" Says Lead Analyst, Tinku Rai, KBV Research.

For a Free Demo of the "Market Research & Analytics Tool", send us an email to query@kbvresearch.com

Online Report Format:

The conventional PDF versions of available market reports make the comparative market study a tiresome exercise. Voluminous data points spread across the report make it nearly impossible to single out strategic insights. Rigorous work and time goes in assimilating the ideas presented in the report, eventually leading to ambiguity in the research findings; hence, falling short in fully leveraging time and investment.

The "Market Research & Analytics Tool" takes market research offering to the next level. The tool has a highly sophisticated yet simple user interface that allows seamless navigation through the report. A user can easily browse through different sections of the report and watch market trends develop with clarity.

Benefit of Market Research & Analytics Tool:

The reader can readily conduct comparative analysis of different markets, having access to dynamic charts representing the market sizes. Stake holders can gain laser sharp insights and data points to be weaved into their strategic decision making processes pertaining to the scope of the study.

The stakeholders get the market insight about the annual growth of different classes of data for particular geography and countries across geographies. The reader can effortlessly compare the growth pattern of different segment or sub-segments of a given market.

Market Research & Analytics Tool facilitates the users to immediately compare the yearly market shares of various countries across geographies for any market segments and sub-segments. Comparing different years' data simultaneously helps stake holders in closely analysing the strategic insights so gained from the comparative study of the said markets.

KBV offers a seamless market research tool that will revolutionize the research industry. Catching with fast changing business environment is the demand of the hour. Gaining in-depth insights into any market is one of the key elements to successful business expansion. A bird's eye view on any region will equip business advisors with capabilities to single out highly profitable opportunities, which otherwise remain hidden.

The Tool is geared towards addressing the needs of businesses operating in a highly competitive landscape. Accessing right information at the right time will be crucial for any business to remain competitive. To remain competitive, business leaders need tools that can be used as ready reckoner in the highly sensitive business environments. A deep insight into customers' needs and a keen eye on the competition is a sign of a successful business. Whether or not businesses appreciate market research, keeping in constant touch with the customers, studying customer reactions, keeping track of competition and their pricing trends is an inevitable part of any business.

Enormous amount of data collected by various market strategies adds to the confusion and eventually leads to formulating conflicting and confusing business strategies. The "Market Research & Analytics Tool" Launched by KBV aims at streamlining the otherwise confusing gamut of data by offering graphical representation of market trends, which eventually can be used to formulate highly targeted and actionable business strategies. A comparative analysis of the strength of market trends will allow businesses to take informed decisions, and weed out weak trends and take full advantage of strong market trends. The Market Research & Analytics Tool will equip stakeholders with superior market insights to position their business strategies in line with the prevailing market conditions.

For a Free Demo of the "Market Research & Analytics Tool", send us an email to query@kbvresearch.com

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