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KoniMari Craze Deluttering Advice Making Waves and Helping Realtors Prep Homes for Sale

Every once in a while, pop culture serves up a "flavor of the month" that can be of real help to clients trying to sell their homes. Right now, the name on everyone's lips is Marie Kondo, the decluttering guru whose KonMari Media brand is all about helping people to tidy up.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2019 --Kondo has made a name for herself with good reason. Her decluttering advice is genuinely helpful, and she has several key tips that can be of particular use for those clients who just don't seem to understand how to prepare and present their homes for sale:

Start with the easy stuff. Deciding which kitchen utensils to keep is a lot easier than deciding which old love letters or photo albums to throw out.

Avoid nostalgia and keep things of genuine importance. The turn of phrase Kondo has become really famous for is "ask yourself if this item sparks joy." It's basically a shorthand for eliminating the "maybe" pile and keeping items that are really important.

Don't store what should be discarded. Spending money on storage of items the client is never going to look at again is just a form of the expansion of clutter.

Declutter by category. Deal with all the books at once, for example, and all the clothing at once, and so on. This prevents items in certain categories from creeping between rooms and obstructing the decluttering process.

Keep paperwork in check. Paperwork is an element of life that can get out of hand quickly. Clients should ensure that paperwork is all kept in one room and be absolutely ruthless about keeping only the true essentials of finance, insurance and contracts.

With Marie Kondo getting her own Netflix series, KonMari represents a great hook for getting clients really interested and engaged with a decluttering process that can be immensely helpful in selling their home.

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