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Kountze Dental Office Helps Patients Achieve Straighter Smiles in Months with Fastbraces

All NeedZ Dental in Kountze, TX offers Fastbraces to help patients straighten teeth quickly


Kountze, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2016 --Dr. Craig Worsley of All NeedZ Dental in Kountze, TX is helping local patients achieve straighter, more confident smiles faster than ever by offering Fastbraces technology. This orthodontic technology provides results much faster than traditional braces, with many patients completing their treatment within a few months rather than the years that are typically required with traditional braces. Fastbraces has been tested and proven to be effective for both teens and adults who desire straighter, more attractive smiles.

The technology behind Fastbraces is different than that of the traditional brackets and wires most people are familiar with. The Fastbraces system uses a high performance bracket system with units that are triangular shaped rather than square shaped like with traditional braces. The shape of these brackets allows for a special heat-activated wire to move both the root and crown of the tooth at the same time, compared to traditional braces that requires their movement separately. Because of this advanced technology, many patients with Fastbraces complete their treatment within about 20 weeks.

Fastbraces are an excellent solution for teens and adults who desire straighter smiles but who don't want to endure years of orthodontic treatment that are typically required with traditional braces. This treatment can help correct severe crowding and gapping, high canines, open bite, over bite, and cross bite. In fact, Fastbraces can fix about 80% of orthodontic problems. Research shows that Fastbraces also results in much less discomfort and sensitivity than traditional braces due to the unique movement forces used by the patented system.

Fastbraces are just as affordable as traditional braces, making them an option for nearly any teen or adult patients who is looking for a safe and effective solution for a straighter smile. For those particularly concerned about the aesthetics of their smile during treatment, All NeedZ Dental does offer clear brackets with Fastbraces technology for an increased cost.

About All NeedZ Dental
Dr. Craig Worsley is the founder of All NeedZ Dental and has a decade of experience in the dental industry. At the Kountze location, Dr. Worsley works alongside Dr. Christina Matouk. All NeedZ Dental also operates two other dental offices in Silsbee and Woodville, TX.

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