Krowdster Announces Crowdfunding Press Release Initiative


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2016 --Krowdster, a comprehensive crowdfunding marketing platform, has announced the release of a professional crowdfunding press release service. Designed to enhance the overall marketing efforts and impact through the Krowdster platform, the press release service will add direct exposure to over 350 media sites across the web.

One of the greatest challenges any crowdfunding venture faces is getting their message out to the right audience. Success within a campaign hinges on this type of exposure. Simply stated, without the support of the community of fans, enthusiasts or customers, no crowdfunding project can ever gain the success it requires for funding.

Krowdster's dynamic platform already provides a wealth of marketing tools to improve a campaign's exposure and potential following on social media sites like Twitter. The addition of a professionally crafted press release will yield an even greater impact within a marketing campaign – and get a project's message out to the sources who can help bring it to actualization.

Each press release is professionally crafted by writers who understand the specific niche of crowdfunding projects. They work with each client to best understand exactly what their campaigns are all about. From there, the press release reflects all the elements of that project in a style that will get readers excited and ready to support the venture.

Once drafted, the release is then distributed on a client's schedule across a variety of media outlets. These include Associated Press-affiliated journalists as well as other major media outlets and websites to increase the chances of being picked up and featured as a news story. Additionally, the release is submitted to all the major search engines for indexing and is promoted on Krowdster's own Twitter page for 7 days to an audience of over 100,000 followers.

Including a professionally drafted press release ensures that Krowdster users have an even stronger ally in their crowdfunding marketing efforts. By disseminating the news across this many worldwide outlets, each project is given a significantly stronger boost toward finding their audience and achieving successful funding.

About Krowdster
Krowdster is a high impact crowdfunding marketing platform providing comprehensive service related to rewards and equity-based crowdfunding projects and campaigns. The platform is designed around optimization, helping users to build their crowdfunding pages and campaigns for the most exposure possible. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the service is designed to yield straightforward marketing and analysis tools without requiring complex technical understanding.

Krowdster's latest press release initiative provides even more effective solutions to better target specific audiences while extending a campaign's reach to the media and overall exposure.