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Kruger National Park Lion Attack - Mother Defends Cub in Kruger Park


Skukuza, South Africa -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2014 --A lioness at Kruger National Park, attacked another lion as it tried to save & defend her cub. Kruger National Park is considered as one of the elite National Parks in Africa wherein they offer their respective guests and viewers with the wildlife experience that they are looking for.

According to Kylie Haslam(a local Kruger Park guide who was also present at the sighting), she noticed that the mother of the cub was very nervous since she wants to check the other cubs. A lioness attacked the male lion but the mother was able to save the cubs from the male lion. The mama lion fought to protect her new born baby lions from getting killed by a young male lion. This kind of scenario is considered as one of the amazing and exciting situations that could happen in Kruger National Park. However, this scenario is not often filmed or seen and is a rare Kruger sighting.

Kylie says -
"We rounded a corner and saw mom walking with the one cub in her mouth, very quickly I noticed something was up as she was very nervous and kept running back to check on her other cub. Eventually we saw the young male watching her. She continued trying to move them but being naughty kids they were not co-operating. The male kept watching her every move and she kept watching him as he tried to move closer. She then had enough and smacked him silly next to the vehicle and started running back to her cubs, but half way there she decided he didn't get the message so she turned back. The male then crept under my car and she came smacked him a couple more times, shaking my car like it was jelly, and then ran to her babies. The male then slinked off in the opposite direction and mom managed to get the babies to a safe place. They are still alive and thriving (they are the ones seen on the north part of the H3 regularly). It was such an amazingly special thing to witness, the raw aggression and unbelievable love the mother had at the same time."

An exciting video (taken by Pris) shows all the action.

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It is also considered as the exciting destination that is intended for the Big 5 - Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino, Lion and Elephant. They are also offering their viewers with various accommodation options that will suit your budget. At Kruger National Park, there are exciting scenarios that happen between a lioness attacking a younger male lion to safeguard her cubs.

The main goal of Kruger National Park is to preserve the wildlife. The Kruger National Park has a wide variety of species that include 49 fishes, 34 amphibians, 147 mammals, 507 birds and 114 reptiles.

Moreover, the Kruger National Park is considered as one of the pleasant and attractive National Parks that aims to provide their respective guests and viewers with awesome and astonishing experience that they will never forget.

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The Kruger National Park is a kind of best national park that can be found in South Africa. They offer a wide range of accommodation options for those individuals who are willing to explore the real and revealing beauty of their place. Kruger National Park is South Africa's flagship National Park.

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