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Kybella – Your Need to Know from Irvine, California Veteran Dermatologist Nissan Pilest

Kybella is a powerful antidote to the double chin. With this power comes the need for precision and expertise; most readily found through physicians with ample experience and specific medical backgrounds.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2015 --Kybella is taking a front seat in the treatment to rid people of their double chins. First providers included only board certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons and a small handful of other skin-specific physicians.

Dr. Nissan Pilest, a veteran board certified dermatologist in Orange County, California and assistant dermatology professor at the University of California Irvine, was a member of the "first out" physicians having access to Kybella.

"First Out" Doctors – Carefully Chosen
When medical companies launch their new procedures and products, they often carefully choose the first set of physicians who will have access…before it's released to the general medical provider population.

This is important – and crucially so for a product like Kybella, the injectable for dissolving fat under the chin. Kybella is proven to work and to work safely, but the injection process must be precise to ward off undesired side effects or tissue damage.

As an injection specialist, Dr. Pilest recognizes the reasoning behind the selection.

"Kythera Biopharmaceuticals has invested extraordinary amounts in developing this product and the clinical trials spanned over many years. With this level of financial investment, it only made sense for the company to be particularly selective in who was allowed to treat the first non-study patients, " shares Dr. Pilest.

"I well understand the ingredient action and also how tissues respond. At the same time I'm acutely aware of "danger zones" that must be avoided as well as precise injection depth to get best outcomes.

Injection Technique – The Safety Factor
"In untrained hands, any injectable has the potential for a bad result. With Kybella, that risk is increased, simply because of the aggressive action the acid (deoxycholic acid) has on cells. It's ONLY to be injected into fat tissue – other tissue mis-injection could lead to skin necrosis or nerve damage."

Planning for Success
Dr. Pilest shares that initial patient response is very positive. Patients tolerate the injections (up to 50 per session) easily. Lidocaine is used to numb the area prior to treatment.

Depending on the amount of submental fat and its distribution area, patients can expect up to 6 sessions, though most patients will have appreciable and satisfactory results in an average of 4 sessions. Clinical trials patients had up to 6 sessions.

Both patient and doctor will assess the levels of fat reduction as the treatments progress. Once the patient is pleased with results, treatments are complete. The fat is gone permanently.

Not for Everyone
Kybella is the only FDA approved non surgical alternative for fat removal under the chin. It is and will be a perfect solution for a huge percentage of people who have "double chin" fat. But it's NOT for everyone. Certain medical conditions, previous surgeries, medications and excessive skin laxity can rule out Kybella for some patients.

About Dr. Pilest
Dr. Pilest is Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology and a member of many professional organizations. He is an Assistant Dermatology Professor at UCI's School of Dermatology and was selected as a Physician of Excellence (Top Doctor) for 2015 by the Orange County Medical Society. Dr. Pilest has been practicing since 1979 and heads Total Dermatology in Irvine, Ca, one of the most recognized dermatology clinics in Orange County.