Kyomo Watch Offers Beautiful, Stylish Watches for Trendsetters and Fashion Lovers


Barcelona, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2018 --Kyomo Watch is a new watch brand that delivers gorgeous pieces for both men and women. The creators of Kyomo Watch, Isabelle and Alessandro, bonded over their shared love of fashion and traveling the world when they met in India, which led them to design the watches together. Alessandro said, "We create timepieces to inspire your unique experience in this life."

The pair spent the last two years refining and honing the design for the first Kyomo Watch product line. It's called the Tokyo Collection and is inspired by its namesake city. The watch is available in silver, black and an exclusive Japan gold finish. The overall style of the watch has a vintage flair, giving a nod to Art Deco style. The end result is a sleek, structural watch that can be paired with both casual and formal attire.

The watch itself is constructed from durable stainless steel, allowing customers to wear the watch around the clock without worrying about its quality deteriorating. The band features a double safety buckle to prevent it from coming undone. The watch face is made from hardened sapphire glass to prevent scratches and cracks, even for those who live active lifestyles. Finally, the watch is water-resistant, allowing users to shower or swim with it on. The watch is powered by Citizen Quartz movement. This movement style is known for its accuracy and longevity, allowing the watch to continue to keep time accurately for many years.

In addition to ensuring the quality of the timepieces, the creators of Kyomo Watch are also committed to preserving the environment. They carefully select the materials used in making the watches to have as little impact on the environment as possible. This eco-friendly dedication extends to the manufacturing process as well so customers can have confidence that they have chosen a watch manufacturer that shares their environmentally conscious values.

To help bring Kyomo Watches to customers all over the world, the creators plan to launch a Pre-sale campaign to raise the necessary funds. This money will go towards the initial manufacturing run, and the creation of a bigger second line of watches. The expected retail price for the watches will be 187 euros, but those who pre-order during the campaign period can get a watch at a discounted price of just 168 euros.