La Spiga D'Oro Biodiversity Farm Expands Into Tourism Market, Providing Education for Guests


Foiano della Chiana, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2018 --La Spiga D'Oro is a long-standing biodiversity farm in Tuscany. It is now seeking to expand its operations to incorporate tourism and education on this important topic.

In part because of the impact of mankind, biodiversity in the world is under serious threat. The only way to truly preserve it is through a concerted effort from people all over the world. La Spiga D'Oro's new venture is designed to educate people about biodiversity so that they can return home with renewed vigor for preserving our natural environment.

The farm produces a variety of organic products, including premium extra virgin olive oil, medicinal plants, wine and more. Visitors to the farm will have a chance to see the farmers in action, while also learning about biodiversity and eco-friendly farming practices. They'll also have the chance to sample some of the products produced on the farm.

As part of the tourism expansion project, the La Spiga D'Oro team intend to install a solar array to power the farm. They also plan to incorporate a new agricultural garden, agricultural shed, and central biomass. In addition, they'll be revamping the farm's website to include more educational materials on topics like renewable energy, biodiversity, and the like.

Aside from educating visitors from around the globe, the team also hopes that the new developments will enable them to reduce carbon emissions from the farm by 100 percent. It will also enable them to convert farm waste into clean energy, as well as grow more and better crops, enabling the farm to continuously improve its product offerings with better ingredients.

To help achieve these goals, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of 400,000. The campaign will continue to run through October 2018. Campaign backers will be recognized for their contributions with Certificates of Biodiversity Adoption. These certificates range from one to three years in length and provide the bearer with discounts off stays at the farm and product purchases. A one-year certificate gets a 5-percent discount, a two-year certificate gets a 10-percent discount, and a three-year certificate gets a 15-percent discount. Customers can expect to receive their certificates in November 2018.