Lajeanell Adds New Skincare Products to Revamped Site

Lajeanell has just announced that they’ve added new skincare products for women to their new website.


Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2020 --Lajeanell, the online store that specializes in organic face cream and skincare products for women, has just announced the addition of several new products to their store including options for treating acne, antiaging, sensitive skin options, antiwrinkle and more. These options are available on the site and include information about the ingredients and which ones are best based on the type of skin and the cosmetic goals someone may have when reviewing their options and what's best for them. A representative of the company also feels that these additional options can improve a user's ability to add healthier options to their collection while staying within a budget for some time.

"One of the things we've been told by our customers that they appreciate the most is the attention to detail we have in our selection, especially the information we provide our customers. Why do we focus so hard on that? It's very simple, skincare products are treated like something we put onto our face. It's not, it's actually something we are putting into our bodies, but we are not taking it as a pill like we would with vitamins. You're still absorbing these ingredients and if they include a lot of chemicals, then you can start to see why people develop acne, rashes, eczema or breakout from use of chemically-focused products." Lajeanell Representative

The hope of the company is to have as many organic options including face cream, lotions and more by the end of the year as they currently have with regular skincare products for women. The company will also announce new options as they become available via social media.

"We love how people engage with us on social media about our skincare products and ask us which ones are best for acne, eczema, antiaging, wrinkles and other things. We appreciate that communication and are happy to help people find the options that work best for them."

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About Skin Care & Beauty
LaJeanell Skin Care & Beauty products was started online by Shirley Powell. The company focuses on natural makeup options and provides in-depth detail on the ingredients used in their selection as well as assisting consumers in finding the best options for them. The "clean ingredients" focus allows consumers to learn exactly what's in their makeup and how it benefits them both short and long-term. Visit our site to learn more about these options and the exclusive membership program.

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