LaJeanell Skin Care & Makeup Offers Exclusive Membership Program

LaJeanell Skin Care & Makeup will be creating an exclusive membership program offering discounts and makeup tips to members.


Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2020 --LaJeanell Skin Care & Makeup is announcing that they will begin an exclusive membership program for their product line beginning in the summer of 2020. The company, which sells natural skincare and beauty products online, had planned to create a loyalty program for its long-time customers in early 2020. However, those plans were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. The membership program will include exclusive offers on current products, makeup tips, a referral program and information about new products before they are available in online stores.

"I've always found it funny how you have all these brands focusing on new customers when the fact is that they built themselves up with those who are loyal to their products. We believe in rewarding loyalty and we are going to focus on that with this new exclusive membership program. Those who sign up will get access to special discounts, the latest products, get rewards for referring people and also information on how to select and utilize our products." Shirley Powell, owner of LaJeanell

Interested parties can join the program by signing up through the site. Offers and new information will be emailed monthly and updates will also be posted on social media. The company focuses on quality with clean, natural ingredients and has built an online following of consumers who are looking for the same thing. Vegan or organic-based products are available online, but the level of quality is always suspect. Upon seeing this issue, Shirley Powell took immediate action, dedicating her brand to not only offering elite quality skincare products, but also educating consumers on the benefits and how to ensure they were getting great quality.

"You can have a billion-dollar company offering chemically-enhanced products for decades and then one day offer natural and organic skin care and beauty products without missing a beat? No, what happens is they create these products but there's no effort to ensure quality. Changing the ingredients doesn't mean diminishing the quality and there are great options that will give you the look you want while also protecting your skin. That's what we specialize in and our customers love our products."

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About Skin Care & Beauty
LaJeanell Skin Care & Beauty products was started online by Shirley Powell. The company focuses on natural makeup options and provides in-depth detail on the ingredients used in their selection as well as assisting consumers in finding the best options for them. The "clean ingredients" focus allows consumers to learn exactly what's in their makeup and how it benefits them both short and long-term. Visit our site to learn more about these options and the exclusive membership program.

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