Lange Solutions

Lange Solutions - Budget Conscious One Stop Shopping and Problem Solving for Small Businesses

Lange Solutions takes business consulting to new heights by offering a multitude of economical services to established and developing small businesses.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2015 --Lange Solutions, a newly formed small business consulting group, solves problems. Every day, businesses are faced with challenges. Some obstacles have simple remedies and are easily overcome. However, sometimes an answer is less clear or seems too costly or cumbersome to be a realistic option. Lange Solutions will pinpoint the issue, develop a practical and effective solution then offer coaching and support throughout the implementation process.

"Frequently, small business owners find themselves emotionally involved in their business and struggle to approach problems analytically," says Andrea Lange, owner of Lange Solutions. "Emotional ties to any situation can cloud one's judgement. Individuals over analyze and stress when faced with problems near and dear to their heart. These seemingly mountainous issues, when viewed by an uninvolved third party, are instead minor bumps and easily navigated roadblocks. Other times, business owners find themselves lacking the financial, technical or social capabilities to solve a problem and then seek help from sources with outlandish price tags. These are the opportune moments to make minor investments in a company such as Lange Solutions. We'll efficiently and cost-effectively handle the problem and leave the business owner with one less headache."

Lange says, "Local businesses are the building blocks of any healthy, self-sustaining community. They help define a city and give it uniqueness and character. Small businesses support local economy and are an investment in the longevity of a community. Lange Solutions values local businesses and is committed to their continued vitality."

About Lange Solutions
Lange Solutions works with businesses to develop a clear road map using quantifiable objectives, performance targets and high impact business processes rather than goal-driven strategies. This empowers business owners with realistic measurables to accurately examine their business' profitability and make educated decisions allowing for overall longevity.