LANXESS Uses Brainloop Secure Dataroom to Publish Registration Data


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2010 -- One of the requirements of the European Union's REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation, which came into effect on July 1, 2007, is that all companies involved in registering a chemical have the obligation to share data about it. After evaluating the systems available on the market, LANXESS has selected the Brainloop Secure Dataroom to enable it to provide this information in a protected environment. With its encryption technology, two-factor login with a password and a PIN texted to the user's cell phone, and the end-to-end document security right through to the desktop, the web-based data room fulfills the company's key requirements for security, protection of its expertise, and convenient communication in the best possible way.

LANXESS owns highly valuable information relevant to the registration of substances in compliance with REACH. According to predefined REACH guidelines, this information should be available to all registrants with a view to sharing costs.

"The way companies share information in the context of REACH processes is very variable," comments Dr. Bernd Woost, Information Technology, LANXESS Germany. "Some companies use commercial portals where this sensitive data can be stored and viewed. Others rely on email, but we find this unsuitable as the documents are sometimes very large. That's why we looked for a secure yet convenient platform to publish and share our valuable study results. The REACH agreement processes are very time-consuming anyway, so we wanted this platform to make them significantly more efficient."

The web-based Brainloop Secure Dataroom, in combination with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management, meets the company's requirement for a way to provide all study results securely. The solution ensures that the viewing and editing permissions, which LANXESS defines in the data room or on a central server, remain active even after a registration dossier has been downloaded onto a user's desktop. These permissions include special usage limitations to prevent the document from being changed, printed, or forwarded to other people. To give an example, the user receives his or her own personal copy of a document that is encrypted when saved and cannot be opened by other users. Also, it is automatically blocked after the predefined expiry date and is no longer visible on the desktop.

"The registration documents contain very valuable data that must be rigorously protected and prevented from distribution by simple copy and paste after it's been downloaded from the data room," explains Dr. Woost. "Time is another important factor, as all registrations are subject to certain deadlines. The Brainloop solution enables us to guarantee end-to-end security through to the user's desktop while making it quick and convenient for interested parties to find the information they need in the familiar PDF format."

The security features of the combined Brainloop Secure Dataroom and Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management solution have also proved very advantageous for compliance processes. LANXESS is able to apply centrally-defined security guidelines to documents throughout their lifecycle and their usage history is recorded and traceable. In this way, the company automatically achieves key risk management and compliance goals.

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