PADI IDC Gili Islands

Larger PADI IDC Group Sizes Prove a Massive Success in the Gili Islands with Holly Macleod; Award-Winning Industry Leading Platinum-Rated PADI Course Director

During 2018 Industry Leading Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod has been busy running some large PADI IDC Courses. With a 100% pass rate, various PADI Asia Pacific Awards and some great reviews Holly proves that large groups on a PADI IDC course can actually maximize training potential.


Gili Islands, Indonesia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2018 --It is always a debate as to which is better; a "smaller" group or a "larger" group when it comes to the number of people taking the program at one time, so it's great to get a firsthand analysis from one of the busiest PADI Course Directors within the diving Industry. Holly runs the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) every month in the Gili Islands and is clearly one of the highest certifying Instructor trainers with the diving Industry. Having certified 116 Open Water Scuba Diving Instructors (OWSI) and a total of over 500 Instructor level certifications issued in 2017 its fair to say Holly has had a busy start to 2018 having already conducted 5 programs before June with candidate numbers of around 10 to 15.

So the main argument for smaller groups is that there is more potential for individual attention and personal development, but actually that can work as a barrier against personal development by providing less variation in personalities to work with when presenting to, plus limited opportunities for problem-solving and evaluating other candidates in preparation for real-life teaching future students. Holly Macleod places a great emphasis on group work and team orientated workshops, so by the end of the course candidates should be able to plan and conduct their own training activities regardless of who the student is on that particular session without the need for any further attention.

Holly Macleod has a wealth of Industry experience spanning over 15 years, teaching both recreational and professional diving courses and as an Instructor trainer has conducted both small and large PADI IDC groups. Over recent years Holly has designed, developed and tested a range of distinctive training workshops along with a very well planned schedule which suits groups of various sizes. In fact, the latest program schedule designed by Holly actually works best with more than 10 people and really enhances the effect of group orientated training workshops and teamwork problem-solving exercises and develops candidates in a way that they are able to quickly and effectively teach, demonstrate, evaluate and identify problems regardless of who the student is.

So all in all it can clearly be seen that individual Instructor candidate development can clearly benefit from an increase in other instructor candidates joining them on the course if the program is effectively managed, as is the case of the PADI IDC Gili Islands Program in the Gili Islands which combined with the raw passion and experience of Industry Recognized Multiple Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod whilst inducing and exposing teamwork ability, problem-solving and teamwork ability and getting the absolute best of results when it comes to personal development. Results can be seen easily through the real-life PADI IDC Gili Reviews on TripAdvisor or checking out other PADI IDC Gili Islands Social Media status.

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