Larry Swanson Seeks Funding Support for the Retail Launch of ScrewGrab

SCREWGRAB helps remove damaged or rusted screws, nuts, and bolts, INSTANTLY! A single dab of SCREWGRAB creates a positive grip between tool and fastener, increasing the torque or friction by over 800% (supported by independent tests)! Works with ANY type of fastener or tool, hand or power. Use SCREWGRAB at the beginning of a project and virtually eliminate tool wear or the deforming of fasteners from ever occurring.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2015 --Larry Swanson, the founder of Align-Rite, is the creator of SCREWGRAB. This is a friction gel, not a glue that is capable of removing or tightening rusted screws, nuts and bolts. This useful product is already approved for use on United States Military fighter jets (NSN 8030-01-361-0041), the RAF of the United Kingdom and the Australian RAAF. Larry Swanson has just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $68,500 for the RETAIL LAUNCH of SCREWGRAB.

Explaining the functionality of SCREWGRAB, Larry says, "A single dab of SCREWGRAB instantly creates a positive grip between metal surfaces that STOPS the tool from slipping off of stripped, rounded or deformed fasteners, enabling you to remove or tighten them even if the tool itself is worn!"

SCREWBRAB has many uses at home and work. Some of the most common problems solved include;

- Stripped, rounded or deformed bolt heads and nuts
- Seized, rusted, or hard-to-reach spots
- Stops drill bits from turning in chuck
- Sloppy or mismatched sockets
- Automotive & machine tool repair
- Apply to power driver for drywall or deck screws
- Furniture assembly, I-Phone repair or simply hanging curtain rods
- The list is really endless

SCREWGRAB has had some success with smaller Industrial type accounts, although Larry's primary target has always been the major retailers. However, retailers have been a difficult market to acquire because of financial demands and the lack of proper market exposure.

Very recently, Larry has gotten strong commitments from a couple of major retailers that are very impressed with SCREWGRAB and have agreed to utilize his Clip Strip Merchandising Program. This is the break he has been looking for, now is the time to ramp up and bring SCREWGRAB to the Retail Market, finally!

Funds raised from Larry's just launched Indiegogo campaign will be used for the following purposes

- Inventory & Re-Tooling for Increased Production Capacity
- On-time delivery of the estimated initial order with backup stock for the future.

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Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Align-Rite, Inc. has been creating valued products for the hardware industry since 1994. Founded by Larry Swanson, an inventor and entrepreneur with a 25-year career, Align-Rite has developed innovative products for automotive, medical, and consumer markets.