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Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Robert Earl Introduces New Technology for Early Cavity Detection

Dr. Robert Earl helps Las Vegas patients detect cavities in their earliest stages with DIAGNOdent technology


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2016 --Patients of Dr. Robert Earl in Las Vegas, NV now have access to some of the latest technology in the dental industry that is helping them take a more proactive approach to their dental health. Using DIAGNOdent Laser Detection Caries Aid by KaVo, Dr. Earl is able to detect patient's cavities in their very earliest stages, allowing him to preserve more of the natural tooth and correct the small cavities with the least-invasive measures possible.

Without DIAGNOdent technology, cavities usually have to be detected with conventional or digital X-rays or visual exams. While these methods are fairly accurate, they generally can only detect cavities once they are large enough to be seen with the human eye. DIAGNOdent technology, however, can be up to 90 percent more accurate in diagnosing oral decay and cavities than traditional methods.

The DIAGNOdent device is a fluorescent laser that uses a proprietary light to expose existing bacteria on the teeth. This bacteria, also known as caries, glow underneath the light, signaling the need for treatment. Detecting the bacteria with the DIAGNOdent handheld device is completely painless for the patient and is done at no additional cost to their regularly scheduled oral exam. The entire screening process only takes a few short minutes.

Because these caries can be detected so early with DIAGNOdent, it helps save the patient money and pain on more invasive restorative measures, and in many cases, these small caries can be re-mineralized or filled without the need for drilling or anesthetic. This technology can prevent more serious cavities from ever developing, preventing the need for large restorations or even root canal therapy and crowns.

DIAGNOdent represents just a portion of the advanced technology Dr. Earl offers patients at his Las Vegas, NV office. He also offers technology like oral cancer screening, sedation dentistry, snoring prevention, and more.

About Dr. Robert Earl
Dr. Earl is one of the most experienced dentists in the Las Vegas, NV area. This year, 2016, Dr. Earl is celebrating his 40th year as a dental practitioner. He completed his undergraduate education at Brigham Young University and received his DDS degree from Creighton Dental School. Throughout his career, Dr. Earl has remained involved in continuing dental education to ensure that he can provide his patients with the highest level of care and technology in his office. He is a member of the ADA, Nevada Dental Association, the Las Vegas Study Club, and several other professional dental organizations.

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