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Laser Printer Industry Has Broad Prospects


Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2019 --The laser printer is a high-tech product integrating electromechanical integration. It is widely used in the food processing industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive and other parts processing industries, wire and cable industry, aluminum-plastic pipe industry, tobacco and alcohol industry and other fields. Wide range and applicability are accepted by the majority of users. The laser printer has stable performance, high reliability, fast speed, low power consumption, small size and wide application range. With the continuous development of science and technology, flying laser printers have become the development trend instead of inkjet printers.

The printer can print on various specifications of pharmaceutical packaging, indicating the shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer's name or promotional information. It is widely used as a food packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. However, at present, the scale of domestic enterprises is very small. Each manufacturer uses their own standard production equipment. There is no unified national standard and normative constraints. The market has seen a situation of shoddy, pros and cons. Compared with inkjet printers, CYCJET laser printers do not need to clean the nozzles and replace consumable parts frequently. They are more environmentally friendly than inks, and can greatly save operating costs. The marking effect of the inkjet code is clearer and will not be preserved for a long time. Wipe off, its appearance effectively solves the problem of goods dumping caused by unclear identification, and becomes a new bright spot in market sales. The emergence of laser printers has shortened the gap between China and developed countries in this area to a certain extent, but in order to truly catch up with developed countries, domestic enterprises must innovate and accelerate technological reform. From the current customer demand point of view, equipment maintenance rate is low, printing speed is fast, content is high, automatic cleaning is easy, and operation is simple and fast will become a major trend in the development of future printers technoligy. For the laser printer industry, in order to continue to grow and develop, it is necessary to take the international development road, synchronize with the international laser inkjet printer market, develop new results with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly enter the commercialization of research and development.

The printer manufacturer should conform to the requirements of market development, take product quality as the core, operate with integrity, and continuously improve the performance of the product. CYCJET printer will be faster in printing speed, more content, easy to clean automatically, and easy to operate. With the surge in the demand for coding in food and other industries, the future development potential of laser printers is huge.

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