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Lassen Innovation Launches Three Service Buckets to Help Grow Businesses in 2016 with a "Future Ready Strategy"


Roseville, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2016 --Lassen Innovation, a service unit of Lassen Scientific Inc., has launched a new range of services to help organizations both small and large lead their markets. In a market that can best be described as "hyper-competitive" most organizations are failing to lead their markets in Future Ready Strategies, Innovation and the new science of Customer Experience Design. According to Lassen's CEO Nicholas Webb "as a Certified Management Consultant, I find it all too common, that great companies are rapidly becoming irrelevant as disruptive innovators are displacing their products, services and technologies with completely new business models." Nicholas also indicated that many of these same organizations are erroneously assuming that their old business practices will allow them to compete in a market of Hyper-Competition and Disruptive Innovation.

Lassen Innovation is launching three service buckets that are specifically designed to help organizations in three key areas. The first service bucket is future ready strategies. This is where they help organizations understand the impact of disruptive innovation and connection architecture, while building out a success roadmap. The second service vertical is in the area of innovation where they help organizations find and launch the best products, technologies, services and business models. Lastly, but certainly not least is the new science of Customer Experience Design where they help organizations drive the best customer experiences across each and every touch point.

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Lassen Innovation has also developed a process that eliminates the risk for their perspective clients. For qualifying organizations, they offer a free scoping consultation that includes a scorecard analysis that helps an organization understand their current state of strategic, innovation and customer experience readiness. According to their CEO, "you wouldn't buy car if you didn't have the opportunity to test drive it. We want our clients to see the level of quality that we can deliver, so that they can decide for themselves". This approach has been well received by Lassen's prospective clients. Another big value that Lassen delivers to its clients, is that all projects are provided on a flat fee basis, no billable hours and no budgetary overruns guaranteed. Their new website launches February 15th, welcome to welcome to the innovation superstar.

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