The Innovation Superstar Project

Lassen Scientific, Inc. Launches Free STEM Education Training and Resources for K-12 Educators and Science Teachers


Roseville, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2016 --Lassen Scientific, Inc. has launched The Innovation Superstar® Project to provide free STEM training to educators. The project also aims to donate over 1,000 classrooms STEM inventor labs® to inner-city and underserved schools through the support of its corporate advertisers. Nicholas Webb an Innovation Author, Speaker and Consultant formed the project to fill the training gap that currently exists in the area of STEM education. Most teachers receive no training or support in providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education to their students? According to the National Science Foundation there will be three million job openings in STEM related fields by 2018, at our current rate of educating in these fields we will fall short by over one million of those educated workers. Science and innovation is the backbone of the American economy and educating children in STEM related fields is a new American mandate. The Innovation Superstar® Project leverages the science of innovation best practice, game mechanics and social engagement to get kids excited and educated around STEM and innovation fields.

The mission is to make the training programs and ongoing monthly audio training programs available to all teachers at no cost. They will also work with potential sponsoring advertisers to purchase STEM Inventor Labs® that can then be donated to inner city, rural and underserved schools. All of the promotional sponsorships are in the form of advertising sponsorships. This provides a promotional benefit to sponsor partners while at the same time providing real-world and meaningful tools for STEM educators and science teachers. According to their chief evangelist Nicholas "the programs that we have created allow educators to listen to the programs through their connected device or at their desktop. This provides an easy way for educators to get insights and practices on the real world principles of innovation, creativity and ideation." The key to the success of the program will be based on the ability to find advertising sponsors. This allows them to fund the donation of the STEM inventor labs® and to continue the development of our educational programs. The training program is unique in that it has been developed by innovation thought leaders that use these principles in both industry and technology development.

Educators and potential advertisers can get additional information at the projects website

Media Contact:
Michelle Lynn