Latest AnyFlip Flipbook Creator Offers a Better Ebook Navigation Experience

Navigating through a dazzling ebook created through the revolutionary AnyFlip flipbook creator has been made easier with new features. The team tries their best to bring convenience to readers with every new update.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2015 --Offering readers an impressive ebook designed with magnificent background images, a stunning theme and multiple high-end multimedia embedding is a simple task for designers using the futuristic AnyFlip flipbook creator. However, if the tool had not had a method to view the content of the pages without flipping each and every page, readers had a bit of a hard time flipping forward and backwards searching for the pages they prefer the most. Putting a permanent stop to this hassle, AnyFlip team has made possible a set of features that enable readers to locate the exact page they need to visit in just one go.

It is not secret that a smoother navigation system is ultra convenient to readers. Knowing the importance of that metrics on the reading experience, the AnyFlip team strived hard to introduce the best features that would improve navigation options of the platform. As a result, the latest update of the software consists of the ability to incorporate a table of content, to offer a clear structure of the flipbook to its readers, show a thumbnails banner at the bottom of the flipbook window and add bookmark tabs to specific pages, making the browsing experience extremely enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Jason Chen, the CEO of AnyFlip released a statement on this new development to the media, "We are a team that is highly concerned about the convenience of reading an ebook created using our flipbook creator. We understand that readers value their time and effort just as they value the quality and beauty of the e-publications presented in front of their eyes. To ensure that readers are not disheartened since they have to browse through the entire ebook to locate a page, we had to implement a user-friendly option immediately. This is how we came up with all these easy-to-use features. Incorporate them in your ebooks to retain your reader base and to attract more readers on a daily basis."

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