Latest Flipbook Software FlipHTML5 Got Upgrades for Its Online Platform

FlipHTML5 announced the new upgrades for its online platform which includes the new add functions and the improved features. It makes the online platform more powerful and more popular.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2017 --Recently, FlipHTML5 released the new upgrades for its online platform, which makes this flipbook software the powerful tool for online publishing and marketing. While coming to digital publishing, FlipHTML5 cloud platform is no wonder the best tool with all solutions and the processing improvements.

Now, the flipbook software FlipHTML5 made the changes for the online platform according to the users feedback and future development. The following changes are included:

1. The Download Settings include 4 download formats (PDF, ZIP, EXE, MAC APP) with the unique links. Only Platinum and Enterprise users are allowed to activate Download Link for readers to download the book.

2. Add ZIP, EXE, MAC APP three download formats for readers to download the books.

3. Beautify the online template thumbnails and add large thumbnails for preview.

4. Beautify the online theme thumbnails and add large thumbnails for preview; add 13 new themes (Wood, BrownPaper, Purple and more).

5. Add background mode settings in Advanced settings. The 4 modes are Stretch, Fill, Fit, Tile.

6. Add Quick Select function for the download button in the toolbar settings of Advanced book settings. The Quick Select function will help to fast set the download links for different download formats (PDF, ZIP, EXE, Mac APP).

7. Delete the PDF download option for readers in the selling option panel and My Store option under E-commerce section.

8. Now the buyers cannot download the original PDF document in the Purchasing interface.

More on the special features to look out for:

Flipbook software now has become the killer tool for the online publishing and marketing. FlipHTML5 now has the e-commerce option which allows the publishers to sell the flipbooks online. It is specially designed for the marketers who want to make money from online publishing. In the future, FlipHTML5 will add more advanced features for it.

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