Latest PDF Page Turning Software to Improve Digital Reading on All Devices introduced its PDF page turning software with latest HTML5 technology.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2014 --PUB HTML5, a free and chief HTML5 digital publishing platform, introduced a new page turning software for PDF technology that promotes a convenient and comfortable reading experience using the latest web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. This technology is purposely designed for entrepreneurs who aim to showcase their products and services through brochures, catalogs and many more. In addition, book authors who are seeking for a creative outlet wherein they can publish their work also make use of PUB HTML5.

On account of the constantly evolving advances of technology, most people become too dependent on their smart devices such as their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and the like. However, because of the reason that these devices have become the modern “norm;” as everyone seems to possess at least one of the mentioned devices, this has become socially acceptable and rationally practical. In fact, it is difficult – not to mention almost impossible – to derive with an argument against it.

More to that point, smart devices are exceptionally comprehensive. They can call, send and receive emails and text messages alike, browse the World Wide Web, become an alarm clock, be a note pad and more of a great deal of applications that undoubtedly ease people’s everyday lives. Therefore, it is rather up to standard to practically say that people have lived in a cell phone world since the prevalence of this technology has commenced.

That’s why PUB HTML5 aims to extend the scope wherein brochures, catalogs, books and magazines that are published through PUB HTML5 are showcased. It intends to reach the modern smart devices with their latest technologies that are accessible to modern browsers found in the mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Through uploading a PDF file to the HTML5 PDF Page Turning Software, users will experience a convenient and trouble-free publication with an access to several design features. The software allows users to manage their works (i.e. catalogs, books, magazines) in PDF file and turn them into a page turning digital catalog or book. It furthermore lets users to embed videos from YouTube – the leading video-sharing website, insert multimedia like music, photos, graphical shapes, buttons and texts. Editing user’s work becomes extra simpler and more stress-free since they can make minor changes such as inserting and deleting a specific page from the catalog, and re-ordering the pages.

The page turning software by PUB HTML5 allows the publishers’ audience to gain access to an enhanced and unique reading experience. Instead of reading a catalog in a simple PDF file, readers will spend time with an appealing page turning digital catalog that will surely not bore them to tears.

For additional information, visit PUB HTML5’s website or click on the Vimeo Video about HTML5 Page Turning Software.

Anyone who want a try can also free download page turning software at Sourceforge.