Latest Range of Hurricane Windows in Sarasota and Clearwater from Stormfitters Add Strength to One's Home

To protect one’s home from wind and storm, installing hurricane windows would be the perfect decision. One can check the latest range that is available with Stormfitters.


Petersburg, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2017 --According to the latest findings, in the last five years, 60 percent of damage done to homes in Sarasota and Clearwater is due to hurricanes. The massive air pressure caused by such hurricane breaks down the doors and windows, even the ones that are not on the windward side of the house. At times, the impact of the air pressure is so severe that it ends up blowing the roof off. Given the destructive nature of such gigantic force, shutters won't be enough to protect the windows. Hurricane windows are the best options to keep the home protected even when the worst calamity threatens. Stormfitters is the right place to visit to find the right products for remodeling and protection.

With 34 years of experience, the company has been serving the good people in Sarasota, Clearwater, Tampa, FL and its surrounding areas. Over the years, they have successfully handled more than 15, 000 projects which simply suggests their excellent track record.

It is all about utility and strength that matters in the end. Hurricane windows in Sarasota and Clearwater are exactly known for utility and strength. At Stormfitters, the products undergo a thorough testing to make sure they will withstand the storm and the wind. Large objects are hurled at the windows to check if the windows are capable enough in last for long, withstanding the lashes of wind and storm.

These windows are typically built of materials that can endure speedy wind and flying debris. They are normally available with two separate layers of laminated glass and a film of strong plastic lying between them. Even if the windows shatter, which is of course not so easy, the film in between the separate lawyers stays safe, giving protection to the interior of the home from wind damage and the driving rain.

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