Latina Starts Online Business to Save for Retirement

Downsized and Underemployed: Bronx Woman Starts Online Business


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2015 --The Casa Decor is pleased to announce the launch of our website devoted to stylish home furnishings at an affordable price. opened Thursday October 22nd, 2015. Stocked with unique decorative items from multiple vendors. is owned by Paula Perez Piccard and we are committed to selling the best items at the lowest prices.

When Puerto Rican native Paula Perez Piccard lost her job as an assistant distribution manager of a local newspaper in 2009, she could feel what was coming. "I had sensed that something was brewing. The company let go of 350 employees in 2009, including myself. I truly did not deserve to be part of that group. It was a total disappointment! I took my separation package, severance & unemployment." She wasn't given much choice, says Piccard. "They offered a job in Connecticut, but I had to decline."

Piccard refused to just give up hope and live off her unemployment check. She went back to her former job delivering for home subscribers of another local newspaper in the Westchester area. She gets a flat rate, is considered a 1099 employee, and has to pay for everything including plastic bags and table space to set up for the day. When everything is tallied up, Piccard makes less than $5 an hour, works 7 days a week, and works in every type of weather.

At age 52, Piccard knows that she can't keep up the long hours and is looking for a way to reinvent herself. With the job market still tight, she decided to try her hand at starting her own business and set up an online store called The Casa Decor. Piccard now sells online furnishings for every room of the home, and works on her business part-time from home. I want to make the world a more beautiful place, and know that it's important for people to care about where they live in order to change how they act in the world. It's expensive to live here in New York, but it's also such a beautiful place to live. It's good to see that beauty in our homes, too."

Piccard hopes to supplement her family's income and put away money so she can retire from her grueling paper route. "It's a new world, where people can find something they love and make it into a business. I take my time making sure that my store has beautiful pieces that bring a Spanish and European feel to the home — and it's my hope that people will see the care I've put into the selection, and they will buy some furnishings from me."

Piccard's new online store is now open to the public and you can see her selections at