Launch of a Luxury Real Estate Portal That Features New Launches for Luxury Condominiums in Singapore


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2020 Announces the Launch of the latest Real Estate Portal Specialising in Condominium, Apartment and Townhouse properties in Singapore.

Today, more than ever, the business world is evolving from its paper-practice past to undergoing a digital transformation. One such sector that has been a "newspaper killer" is real-estate. An online presence is becoming increasingly necessary, even more so as more people move online in a post-COVID world. One such business making a move to capitalise on this trend is Condosale with the Launch of Singapore's first-ever real-estate portal for condominiums, apartments and townhouses.

Condosale showcases its listings to prospective homebuyers on the marketplace. With the real-estate industry having several complex processes that can be solved through digital platforms, it makes sense to provide an online portal where customers can get all the information they need to make wise investment decisions. Besides buying, selling and renting property, Condosale provides a wealth of information on property investment through their blog, as well as data-driven property insights and market trends.

A company spokesman has this to say about the launch, "We wanted to create a digital real estate portal that directly serves today's consumer, one that provides an exceptional customer experience. We have a wide breadth of talent in sales, marketing, design and content creators all working tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers."

The launch comes after much success of online portals in the real estate sector globally. Although it has been possible to search for and list properties online since the mid-nineties, today, however, almost 90% of real estate agents rely on the use of online portals. Users save time and money through lower transaction costs and increased market transparency.

Online real-estate search portals are now the most efficient way to market and search for properties, even more so that social networks. Further studies show the prevalence of online portals for tenants. More than half of all apartment seekers will eventually find what they are looking for through an online portal. Tenants and property managers have come to rely on these portals to save them time, money and make the process more convenient and efficient.

"We simplify and streamline the process for buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and property managers by providing them with a one-stop-shop for all their needs", a Condosale spokesman says.

The Condosale launch showcases the brand's focus on technology and pioneering the real estate experience in both the Singapore and international markets. Singapore is gaining much investor interest due to its reputation as a global business hub and a high standard of living. Furthermore, with a stable government, highly skilled workforce and excellent infrastructure and air transport hub, has accelerated investor interest.

As COVID forces people to work from home remotely and accelerates the digital transformation of business, real estate portals like Condosale are set to benefit. With social distancing rules enforced around the world, property inspections have also moved online through the use of virtual home inspections.

"The launch not only promotes our exciting properties to a high-end audience and savvy investors in Singapore, but it also showcases the technological advancement in the real estate industry into international markets," the Condosale spokesman says.

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