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Launch of E-Cigarettes Affects Tobacco Companies

With the introduction of e-cigarettes into the local market and online sites like E-Cigarettes Australia, there are possible effects on the tobacco companies and the industry itself.


Wallan, Victoria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --E-Cigarettes Australia is a company based on Australia that sells e-cigarettes. With the help of technology and innovation, cigarettes are now in electronic form and present more benefits compared to the traditional one. With its popularity reaching more audiences every day, it comes as no surprise that the tobacco companies will feel the effects. For people who are looking to buy e-cigarettes, it can be bought through online or you can check its availability at your local store.

According to experts, the launching of electronic cigarettes in the country is going to pose a threat to tobacco industry's future. These e-cigarettes use a liquid that is either water-based or nicotine-based and are battery operated. Though there are users that swapped the traditional ones to the electronic version, local companies are not worried of the influx of the device. They have noted that tobacco is not only used in making cigarettes but it can also be used in producing insecticides and other products. A representative of the tobacco farmers shared that they are welcome with the idea of e-cigarettes being introduced in Africa as long as they get to assist in the production of nicotine needed for the device.

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