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Launch of Fitness iOS App Turns Exercising Into a Fun Life or Death Proposition

The new role-playing game app, Runbinson turns players’ fitness into survival for their alter-ego Tom Fox. A game of endurance, the triple threat fitness app is a daily sprint for good health via a virtual deserted island, an avatar, and the player who controls them both.


Koblenz, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2016 --Who would have ever thought that being deserted on an island could be so good for one's health? Now, thanks to a newly launched iOS app, spun from the classic novel Swiss Family Robinson, exercise can be life-giving in more ways than one. The Runbinson app is the newest, immersive way to multi-task a workout. Designed to give exercise a survivalist edge the fitness app ups the ante on a users' walk, jog or run. How so? It turns exercise into resources for the game's avatar so he can live to tell nail-biting the story.

Sports training at its digital age finest, the running game asks users to get deeper into the storyline to reveal quest objectives. Each chapter, ten in all, tells the story of Tom Fox. Fox is the stranded survivor of a tragic airplane crash. Once on a red eye flight to Alaska, now he's armed only with his wits, his agility, and his desire to survive. His only shot at this, however, is the app users' ability to provide him with resources with every step they take. While running, walking or jogging, they will automatically collect items that Tom needs to survive.

Florian Egert, the game's designer and representative of Green Fish Tank said of the launch, "This is an adventure game that combines fitness, intrigue, and play. Not your typical running app or RPG game, Runbinson incorporates music, voice-overs, a storyline, challenge, adventure, and a trackable resource for training progress. It's entertainment and sports training all in one. And after two years in production, we're happy to roll this storybook fitness app out."

Designed in a retro graphic style the Runbinson fitness app allows users to "level Tom up." Running to their favorite music, they get audio status updates, and training progress is viewable at any time. Available also for the Apple Watch with extended features, gamers can view Tom's resources, status and various details in real time. They can also start a new running session directly from their wrist.

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Green Fish Tank is the developer of the Runbinson iOS app. Runbinson is a survival/fitness RPG for iPhone that allows players to collect resources while they exercise that are used to assure their avatar's survival.

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