Stutisheel Lebedev

Launch of Indiegogo Campaign for Book About 3100-Mile Footrace of a Lifetime


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2015 --Stutisheel Lebedev is pleased to announce the launch of his Indiegogo campaign devoted to publication of "Run. Journey. Become", a book about his experiences, and specifically about being the first man from the former Soviet countries to complete the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Stutisheel has managed to finish the lengthy race nine times during his lifetime. The race is held annually in Queens, NY. To date his best performance required 48 days to complete the route, for an average of 64.3 miles daily. Since its beginnings in 1997, only 38 runners in the world have managed to complete the 3100-Mile Race. It is the longest certified footrace in the world.

The book which is the focus of the Indiegogo campaign is more than just a book about a race. In it, Stutisheel summarizes his experiences and findings in a beautiful way. "I offer a book for you to use in your daily striving, so that you don't give up, but continue forward in your life's eternal pursuit of happiness. I believe that we are truly happy only when we utilize our maximum capacities in sport, creativity, career and family."

In addition to the planned book associated with the Indiegogo campaign, Stutisheel was written other books. They include Eat to Run: Holistic nutrition for the ultra marathon runner; My First Ironman: From dream to finish; and Esoteric Project Management: the Development and Application of Inner Power in Management. He also has a CD entitled Peace of the Heart: Stutisheel's soulful singing accompanied by the guitar.

The Indiegogo campaign is hoping to reach the $3500 goal of completing two books with the same content, one in English and the other in Russian. The funds will go toward editing, proofreading, cover design work, translation, printing layout, e-book formatting, sales description, marketing campaigns and promotions. The further goal is $5000, which will help with the creation of an audio book.

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