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Launch of Will Help People Find the Treatment They Need

Launch of new website will help people find the help they need to overcome porn addiction


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2012 --With its recent launch, has positioned itself as the leading online resource for information about pornography addiction. The new site, which debuted in the last month, has already created a lot of buzz. "Online porn is like the elephant in the room," said the founder of the new site. "Everyone knows it's there, and many of us have stumbled upon it accidentally at one point or another. Few people discuss it, though, and those who become addicted tend to feel alone. is designed to show them they aren't and to provide in-depth information about the problem."

As evidenced from a variety of online statistics, porn addiction is a rapidly growing problem. People can access pornography more easily than ever, so those who are susceptible to developing this type of addiction are more likely to do so. "There's a lot of stigma attached to this type of addiction," said the founder. "It's not something that people are comfortable discussing with others. By visiting, a person who believes he may have a problem with pornography can read in-depth articles and learn how to get help. It's a nice alternative to trying to click around randomly online."

Like many addictions, porn addiction often develops slowly. People may occasionally go online to view pornography, but it may not affect their lives at first. Over time, people may find that they need to view pornography to get satisfaction. "It can be a slippery slope," said one researcher. "Some people are able to view pornography without becoming dependent on it while others develop addictions. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind who becomes addicted and who doesn't. Some people will also become addicted to masturbating because of porn viewing. Now that porn is so readily available, more people are becoming addicted than ever. It's a serious problem, so this site is sure to be an invaluable resource."

By the time someone realizes he has an addiction to porn, his life may already be falling apart. "I used to just visit porn sites from time to time," said one man. "After a while, I stopped being interested in intimacy with my wife. I spent every free moment viewing porn on my laptop. If this site had been around a few years ago, I could have avoided a lot of grief. I'm glad is available, and I am positive that it will help a lot of people who struggle with this issue."

One of the most insidious things about online porn is its ready availability. High-speed Internet access is widely available, and more people use smartphones and other mobile devices than ever. "You don't even have to lock yourself in a room to view it," said the founder of "You can view it discreetly on a smartphone from just about anywhere. If someone already has a predilection for being addicted to porn, he is much more likely to succumb to it these days than he was just a few years ago. A huge percentage of online porn is free too, which makes it an even more serious problem."

A lot of online porn may be free, but is too. There is no need to register to gain access to the site. Its founders' top goal is to provide a free resource for people who are struggling with porn addiction and for those whose loved ones are struggling with the problem. "We encourage spouses, friends and relatives to visit the site too," said the founder. "It can be the first step in getting help for a person who has developed a serious problem." The site is now live, and new articles and posts are added regularly.

About is a free service run as a non-profit by a group of people hoping to raise awareness of and help those seeking help for porn addiction. Based in Tampa, FL they hope to reach individuals, couples, and families who may be seeking help.