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Selecting the Right Lawnmower Is Key to a Stunning Lawn

Great advice from the lawnmower experts at Power Equipment Warehouse!


Warren, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2012 --Power Equipment Warehouse wants you to enjoy cutting the grass!

Mowing the lawn shouldn’t be a negative experience. Purchasing a quality lawnmower from a Professional Power Equipment Dealer should be your first order of business! Lawnmowers are not disposable and let’s face it; they are hard working machines that will likely need to be serviced sometime in the future. Consider these factors before selecting your next lawnmower:

- How large is your yard?
- Is the terrain rough or fairly smooth?
- Do you have to trim a lot? (Flower beds and trees)
- Do you have a lot of leaf clean-up?
- Can you put your yard debris out for the garbage man, or do you have an area where you can empty the bag or compost?
- Is your yard flat or hilly?
- Do you want to mulch, bag or side discharge the clippings?
- Who will be using the machine; a person who needs an electric start? Self-Propelled? Hopefully the kids won’t be living with you forever, so consider some “future” features.
- Do you want to walk or ride?
- If you opt for a riding mower, do you plan to do other jobs with it like; pushing or blowing snow, tilling, pulling a yard cart, etc?
- How much time can you devote per week to yard work without getting tired of it?
- Do you have a shed door or gate to get through? If so, how wide is the opening?
- THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Can the store you purchased your mower from fix it, or do they have to send it out?

Cutting the grass can be relaxing and it’s great exercise, but you need a good mower to take the “hard work” out of yard work? Most mowers are 21 inches wide and will either mulch, bag or side discharge. Remember, if you opt for a rear bagger you want a rear wheel drive mower because the power should be where the weight is. Don’t buy a front wheel drive mower with a rear bag. Do you have any health problems that may prohibit you from starting the mower? Anyone with elbow, wrist, shoulder, back, neck or heart problems should purchase an electric start mower. Check the safety features and the position of the recoil too. All mowers are required to have safety features which may require holding a handle while pulling the recoil, so check to be sure this is convenient. If you mow on a steep incline, be sure to purchase a mower with an Overhead Cam or Overhead Valve engine. These enable oil to be pumped through the engine at all times. Be sure the mower isn’t too heavy and moves easily. Larger wheels are best for sandy soils but don’t necessarily help the lawnmower to roll better.

Riding mowers are commonly used for larger properties, but Zero Turning Radius mowers are becoming more popular. A ZTR mower cuts mowing time in half, so if you currently use a lawn tractor consider upgrading to a ZTR. There is virtually no trimming required with a ZTR mower and these units can turn on a dime. Most consumers can get used to the operation of a ZTR within the first one to three mowings. Baggers and mulch kits are also available. If you mow on a hill, be sure to check the safety of the unit. ROPS (Rollover Protection Systems) are a must in areas like this. Remember to consider storage space and gate/door openings especially if you are adding a bagger to a unit. Be sure to have a little extra clearance. Check the accessibility of the oil filter and air cleaner, and be sure it’s easy to fill the gas tank and check the oil too! These machines have hydrostatic pumps and many complicated parts, so let’s face it; you wouldn’t buy a car from a dealer with a poor service reputation. These units get a work out and will eventually need repairs so be sure to have a reliable parts and service source to protect your valuable purchase. Support your local Professional Servicing Dealer because they are the experts and have professional parts and service departments too!